How It Works

MyClassNeeds Foundation (MCN) is a registered Canadian charity that helps connect deserving K-12 classroom projects with interested donors through a crowdfunding website.

Certified teachers working in Canadian publicly-funded schools can submit a proposal through the MCN website. The proposal must describe how the classroom project will benefit student’s learning and identify the resources required to achieve the outcome. The types of projects and resources requested can vary in scope and size (it could be science equipment, art supplies, a trip to a science exhibit, or any other resource that enriches the learning of students). For more information on project eligibility requirements click here.

  1. After a proposal is received by MCN, it is:
    • Reviewed;
    • Costed, and, if approved;
    • Posted to the website.
  2. Donors visit the website to donate and/or spread the word about the project.
  3. Once a project is fully funded, MCN will coordinate the purchase and delivery of the requested resources.

History & Background

MyClassNeeds is an affiliate of Curriculum Services Canada (CSC). CSC is a not-for-profit organization, based in Toronto, working in the K-12 education field for nearly two decades. CSC’s goal has been to provide quality solutions for learning. CSC’s mandate in achieving that goal includes providing valuable services to educators including evaluating learning materials for quality assurance, providing professional development opportunities for teachers, and developing and distributing free educational resources for teachers. Learn more about CSC at:

MCN is a new incarnation of The Curriculum Foundation (TCF), CSC’s charitable affiliate. For the last decade, TCF has provided grants for educators to develop classroom resources which are shared on the CSC website. In the past few years, based on the types of requests received from teachers, CSC has been working on transforming TCF into a crowdfunding charity that impacts classrooms directly by connecting them to donors – while maintaining our emphasis on quality solutions for learning. Launched in beta in 2012, MyClassNeeds is now available to all Canadian publicly-funded classrooms.