How it Works

Determining Classroom Needs

Students and teachers create a checklist of resources needed in the classroom and then prepare a proposal detailing how each material can be used to enhance learning in the classroom. The proposal is then sent to My Class Needs Foundation (MCNF) to be checked and approved.

Preparing the budget

When the proposal has been received by MCNF, the staff checks and ensures that the resources cater to a classroom’s needs before approving the proposal. Once it has been approved, the staff coordinates with potential suppliers and posts the proposal on the website where donors can view and choose which projects to donate to. When a donor has released funding for a project, the MCNF staff then coordinates with the suppliers for purchasing and delivery.

Delivering the Resources

It is then time to deliver the resources to each respective classrooms in the community where students and teachers can now utilize these materials to build projects and improve the quality of education in the classroom. Increasing the rate of student engagement in activities and enhance learning as well.