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  • My Class Needs iPad and littleBits to explore STEAM projects

    Launched October 26th, 2016 Project Deadline May 19th, 2017
    Classroom Size 24 Students School Size 480 Students

    My Students

    I have a group of 24 enthusiastic, curious, and diverse learners who are excited about STEAM challenges. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects are essential to our grade 3 classroom environment. At our school we have a high population of low income families with diverse backgrounds. This year, I hope to integrate weekly STEAM challenges to encourage all students to invent and create projects using iPADs and Contraptions. It would be nice to add some flexible seating options to enhance student engagement.

    How will this project impact them?

    Having more technology and resources available will add excitement to weekly STEAM projects in our classroom. Contraptions are components that fit together to create ball track structures. Students can design and build projects that are meaningful to them, while learning the basic principles of engineering and physics. The long term benefit of iPads are there are an endless number of Apps to help students with coding skills. iPads provide an opportunity to teach the basics of computer programming in one of the best ways possible, problem solving through hands-on playtime. Flexible seating in my class will give students a choice in what kind of learning space works best for them, and help them work collaboratively, communicate, and engage in critical thinking.

    Project Report

    from Mrs. Hughes

    I can't THANK YOU enough for all the incredible resources for my grade 3 class. They were so excited to open the package from My Class Needs. As soon as we opened it up they were all cheering for the iPad,contraptions, and flexible seating. Each table group now has a rotating flexible seat. Some of the students in my class are very wiggly and have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. With the yoga balls and wobbly chairs they are now able to move around while maintaining focus. They love the idea of sitting on wobble chairs and yoga balls and they don't even realize their bodies and instinctively and continually having to use core muscles. Constant movement is required in order to stay seated on the ball. And that movement, however small, helps them maintain focus and improves concentration.
    iPads are an essential part of todays classroom. Students have been using different Apps to code Spheros. The students in our class are using interactive technology to make learning more engaging and memorable. We have used the iPad to learn about more than just coding. We have explored measurement, art, and self-regulation with the Spheros. My students are so excited they can now access an iPads when they need one. They love researching, playing math games, and reading on the new iPad.
    Contraptions are now an important part of our classroom. Students have been busy creating ramps and tunnels for the ball to roll down. When I watch these young minds at work I am inspired by their creativity and willingness to experiment with new ideas. They are learning about engineering and physics in such a fun way.

    Some of the things I've heard the students say are:
    "I never knew I could program a robot"
    "I wish I could program the robot to clean my room"
    "I want to sit on a ball at home too"
    "We just made a marble track by ourselves"

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making our class an exciting place to learn!

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    Exercise Ball - 26"

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    Apple iPad WiFi - 32GB - Gold - MPGT2CL/A

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    EHF-Apple iPad

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    Wobble Chair - Blue - 12"

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