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  • My Class Needs emergency equipment to simulate a survival scenerio in the outdoors

    Launched December 6th, 2016 Project Deadline February 21st, 2017
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    My Students

    The students who will be benefiting from this activity are our future outdoor explorers and adventurers. They are skiers, hikers, bikers, paddlers and campers committing to fitness for life in the outdoors. Although we focus on recreating in the outdoors, it is also the hope that some of the students may find a career path related to our outdoor classroom such as forestry, biology, geography or tourism. We hope to extend outside our PE Oudoor Pursuits class and introduce all PE classes to activities in alternate environments.

    How will this project impact them?

    Inquiry Question: How will I survive? Regardless of the outdoor activity we introduce the students to, there is always an underlieing theme of prepardness, saftey and resposibility. We must teach survival skills in the event of the unexpected. As seen in the papers lately there is a huge growth in adventure tourism in BC but with that has come tragedy which has often been preventable. It is my goal to educate the students when we go on outdoor excursions we have a responsibilty to be safe and prepared. We need to also practise our survival skills in event of an emergency. This inquiry activity will provide simulates a lost hiker in a wilderness setting. With the stoves that we purchase through the grant, students will create a meal of "fuel to survive" from the surounding environment as well as from their premade survival kits which will include dehydrated food they prepare and make. There will be a comparison of different scenerios that vary in conditions, availabiity of resources and prepardness. Each one will have a solution to survive based on preloaded knowledge and problem solving capabilities. We will look at the local ecosystems, botany and investigate what the local risks are including viruses and disease. We will cover the pros and cons of equipment and prepard foods. The purpose of this activity is to guide the students through what prepared in the outdoors looks like and what realistically can go wrong. Our kit include some Lifestraws for filtering water, stoves for melting snow or boiling water an d cooking ingredients. We will supplement other equipment and supplies needed. The purpose of this outing is to ensure our trips are carried out safely and that students take away the skills to safely recreate in a resposible manner on their own.

    Project Report

    from Mrs. Lambie

    -We learned how to use the stoves safely as many had not used one before or did not know the difference between the stoves. Stations: set up a tent, hang a food hang, set up a shelter with a tarp, and make hot chocolate. Fire saftey addressed. "These stoves are so compact, that is so cool"
    -Winter hike- built snow caves. The objective was to build a safety shelter two ways: a cave for ultimate shelter or open shelter that shields elements and allows you to be seen if lost. We melted snow with the stoves and made hot drinks. All water had to be boiled hard for 2 minutes to illiminate the possibility of viruses. If you could only melt snow ( experiment melting snow with tealights and tinfoil) the lifestraws could be used to drink the water without boiling it. Saftey was discussed as you cannot use a stove inside a snowcave. "We cooked up porkchops in the snow, awesome!"
    -We went snowshoeing in the backcountry and learned about avalanche danger and prepardness in the backcountry. We used the stove to cook up warm drinks and discussed which stove would be most appropriate - the Jet boil and how to conserve food and fuel in an emergency
    -Hiked to Cypress Falls, cooked some dehydrated food as a backcountry meal Used the local stream as a source of water and discussed purification/ viruses and what you could use around you in survival scenerios. "I think we misread the instructions, our eggs are too runny. We can cook them in the pot!" "Th evegetables are need to let the food sit in the bag for 20 minutes to avoid this...oh!"
    -We had two organisations come speak with the class about "being prepared" in the outdoors, prevention and what to do if lost. This equipment has allowed us to go these outings with the appropriate gear and test them in different scenerios allowing students to feel more prepard in an emergency situation. "It's hard to suck the water through the lifetstraw and it is hard to bend down - you could use a cup and then use the straw.

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