Dancing with STEM or shall I say Sphero

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  • My Class Needs Sphero robots to program and choreograph dance.

    Launched October 3rd, 2016 Project Deadline May 19th, 2017
    Classroom Size 58 Students School Size 381 Students

    My Students

    The students that will benefit from this project are approximately 58 grade seven inner city school students. My students enjoy technology and being creative, as such I hope to provide an enriching experience. They enjoy hands on minds on activities. STEM and dance will be the key focus as students work collaboratively to choreograph a routine so that it can be viewed on our class website

    How will this project impact them?

    The technology, SPHERO, will provide an enriching programming and STEM experience. Our culminating project will result in creating a synchronized dance with the robot or SPHERO. Through creative/experimental play they will program by incorporating angles, sound and lights. They will also be using their understanding of percentage values to make colour conversions. They then will be challenged to program the round robot to, flip, turn, jump, dance and change colours, drive the round robot, turn it, flip it, as well as make it jump, dance and change colours. Posting our choreographed routines on class web-site will provide a larger audience to enjoy our work. Programming, connected play, and dance – what could be more fun!

    Project Report

    from Ms. While

    We owe great deal of gratitude to MyClassNeeds ! Students learned to design and create code using the Sphero while at the same time they enhanced their math skills (measuring angles, percentages, time, distance, and speed). Watching the robotic ball come to life with their programs was a great delight. As they worked in groups they connected, communicated, collaborated and problem solved. It was gratifying to see students celebrating with their hands thrown in the air after each challenge was accomplished. Our class then moved to cross curricular connections and programmed the robot to maneuver through the digestive system, circulatory system, math logic puzzles, seven years war (in other words a passion based topic that was then taught to other students). These presentations were conducted for other classes who also got to control the robot and learn about topics from my class. They too, were enthusiastic and engaged. Many students in our inner city school benefitted from your generosity.

    Please find below some feedback to highlight the importance of this project to our class.

    Thank you.

    Project Report from Mrs. While, Surrey, B.C. (Whalley)

    While playing with the Sphero I saw that there was a free fall sensor that can start another program. When I grow up I want to be an aircraft engineer, and I am lucky to learn about the free fall sensor. I want to build an aircraft that can sense when it is freefalling to due to engine failure or other reasons. I want to help it to stabilize itself by putting more weight in the front to glide, or make some engines turn faster than others. I loved Sphero and it taught me about coding and gyroscopes. It also helped me improve my math skills. Thank you MyClassNeeds!

    Having this opportunity was indeed life changing. Learning about robotics and how to program was an experience worth remembering. Beginning a new unit has never been this fun; discovering different ways to command the Sphero took a group effort and definitely was an interactive experience. Thank you for allowing us to have this experience MyClassNeeds.

    Sphero has helped me to continue coding. It was an inspiring way to start robotics. Because of sphero, I want to build robots to help kids learn. I want to get a degree in engineering robots. I want to build robots that will teach and possibly save the earth from pollution. I learned that deep inside myself is a good coder. I need to keep pushing forward. Thank you.

    I have never seen such a complicated or a fun robot in my life. That is, until I met Sphero. Sphero combined robotics, fun and learning all into one experience. I got to play with motors. I made it jump and it was especially fun to play with the KGB lights. I was always an avid coder; Sphero allowed me to take those skills and unleash it everywhere. Now I will be taking up robotics as well as programming when I’m older. MyClassNeeds you’re awesome.

    ….We are very fortunate for getting them. Now that I know how they work I am considering robotics in High School! They allowed me to test my programming skills. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Sphero has inspired me to get into engineering because I want to figure out how technology and programming/coding work. I also learned basic programming, while using Sphero. The experience, using Sphero was really interesting and got me interested in technology.

    Sphero helped me by teaching me how to code and I had fun doing it. It helped me learn more about the circulatory system. When I did the circulatory system project, I learned more about blood. This was good because I want to become a nurse. Thanks for helping me build for my future career

    Sphero was an amazing opportunity to experience. Sphero taught me how to program. It showed me a new ability I never knew I had. When my teacher told us that we would be doing robotics, my heart soared. I thought I would be horrible at programming but I was surprisingly good. Sphero was helpful and showed me another way of learning. So what I wanted to say was thank you.

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I am a grade seven teacher who has a deep love for math and science. I believe in students learning beyond “skill and drill” . Observing students work collaboratively to solve STEM challenges is what I feel will make them want to be life long learners. Thinking outside of the box always...

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