Flexible Seating for a Student-Centered Classroom

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  • My Class Needs Alternate seating will help students to find a space that works best for them.

    Flexible Seating for a Student-Centered Classroom Classroom Project at Ecole Amirault
    Launched August 7th, 2016 Project Deadline October 31st, 2016
    Classroom Size 21 Students School Size 400 Students

    My Students

    I teach fourth grade students. I usually have between 20 to 29 students each year. In my 20 years or so of teaching, I've seen it all. This is what I know for sure: Students have the need to move, to choose and to be included. Flexible seating is the perfect way to help students choose their perfect learning environment. Even as adults, we don't like sitting on a hard chair for periods of 6 to 8 hours. By including different options, students could move around and be comfortable while working.

    How will this project impact them?

    I've noticed that students work better when they choose their work area. In my classroom, there are not a lot of seating options, Students can sit at their desk or on the floor. My dream is to offer a variety of options and they can choose where they want to work. This is called flexible seating and would help all my students for years to come. Flexible seating encourages collaboration and communication. The British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends that "people find ways to stand for extra hours every day, breaking up prolonged periods of sitting with the use of standing desks". Standing desks would be part of the learning environment in my classroom. Research also confirms that "moving, stretching, and walking can enhance the learning process". The STEM initiative inspires students to inquire, think, investigate and innovate in teams. So flexible seating is perfect for learning.

    Project Report

    from Ms. Dupuis

    1) The new resources are being used every day. Students can choose a comfortable spot that allows them to concentrate and work. They can sit at different spots during the day. The wobble chairs and bean bags are very popular and students love to sit on them.

    2) Students that have power are much more engaged. This is what I'm seeing in my classroom. Because they have a chance to DECIDE where they can sit and have comfortable options (not only the floor) they are really engaged in their task. Sometimes, they work in teams and other times it's individual work. In both cases, my kids love to choose their seat.

    3) Here are a few student comments:
    "I love that there are so many different options."
    "It's more comfortable that sitting on a chair all day long."
    "Some seats allow me to move (wiggle) and that helps me learn."

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