Flipp for Teachers Grant Recipient-OUR SCHOOL GARDEN: Getting kids to play in the dirt, again.

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  • My Class Needs needs outdoor learning materials to create a "kitchen" and construction area

    Flipp for Teachers Grant Recipient-OUR SCHOOL GARDEN: Getting kids to play in the dirt, again. Classroom Project at Harbour View Elementary
    Launched October 23rd, 2017 Project Deadline November 23rd, 2017
    Classroom Size 400 Students School Size 316 Students

    My Students

    20 years ago our School Garden was built. This garden is used by our school population of 300 students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 and two on-site preschools. Currently we are in the process of revitalizing the School Garden. Our goal is to build a Mud Kitchen for all children to "bake and create" delicious "mudables." We want to build natural water play and construction areas for all children to play in the dirt. This garden is the heart of our school, where children learn and play.

    How will this project impact them?

    Children are no longer allowed to dig and get dirty. No longer are kids making and baking with mud, water, grass and leaves. My intention is to create areas in the garden for children to discover and play with nature. To watch young children,and older children alike, play and create outside is to watch development in self-regulation, problem solving skills and a sense of accomplishment. The intention with funds from this grant, is to purchase supplies for our mud kitchen, materials for developing a natural water play area and construction zone. Recently, members from the school and community came together to build the basic structure for the mud kitchen (pictured on the cover page). We have currently received donations from local families in the form of money, old sinks, pots, pans and pipes . We are working with Rona to help with materials and lumber to build Our Dream Garden.

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    Mix & Match Waterfalls - set of 4

    Wintergreen Learning Materials Ltd

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    $54.95 x 2 = $109.90

    Water Whisks - set of 3

    Wintergreen Learning Materials Ltd

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    $38.95 x 2 = $77.90

    Let's Play House! Stir & Serve Cooking Utensils

    Wintergreen Learning Materials Ltd

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    $16.95 x 3 = $50.85

    Double Sand Wheel

    Quality Classrooms

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    $14.95 x 2 = $29.90


    Quality Classrooms

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    $22.95 x 3 = $68.85


    Quality Classrooms

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    $22.95 x 3 = $68.85

    Set of 2 Construction Vehicles

    Quality Classrooms

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    $53.95 x 2 = $107.90

    Stacking Boats (3)

    Quality Classrooms

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    $5.95 x 10 = $59.50

    Water Pump

    Quality Classrooms

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    $8.95 x 3 = $26.85

    Eco Trucks

    Quality Classrooms

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    $38.75 x 2 = $77.50

    Classroom Water Play Set - 35 Pieces

    Louise Kool & Galt

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    $129.99 x 1 = $129.99

    Giant Mill

    Louise Kool & Galt

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    $15.99 x 2 = $31.98

    Classroom Thermometer

    Louise Kool & Galt

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    $9.99 x 2 = $19.98
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    Optional donation to support myclassneeds.ca *** $158.63
    Project cost including donation to support myclassneeds.ca $1,323.80
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    * Fulfillment Materials: This covers the costs of fulfilling the project, including purchasing and coordinating the delivery of classroom resources. This also supports the processing of thank-you cards and pictures from teachers and students to donors, including printing, postage, labels, envelopes, cover sheets, etc.

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