Arduino Sumo challenge

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  • My Class Needs 16 robot car platforms and a few infer red to explore mechatronics

    Launched October 30th, 2017 Project Deadline January 30th, 2018
    Classroom Size 24 Students School Size 1300 Students

    My Students

    There are two classes this will benefit, a Grade 11/Grade12 combined Computer Engineering Class and a Grade 10 Computer Technology class.

    How will this project impact them?

    My present course is a lab/project based. I would like to create a challenge construct unit based on a sumo robotic. The school has enough Arduinos to be used for the designs.

  • Where the $1320.18 goes


    DFRobot 4WD Arduino Mobile Platform


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    $54.14 x 15 = $812.10

    5mm Infrared Emitter and Sensor Set

    Abra Electronic

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    $2.21 x 30 = $66.30

    388 Super-bright 5mm IR LED (25 pack) - 940nm

    Abra Electronics

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    $11.20 x 1 = $11.20

    MSW-110 SPDT Snap Action Miniature Lever Switch 5A 125V

    Abra Electronics

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    $0.75 x 45 = $33.75
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    Fulfillment Materials * $45.00
    3rd Party Payment Processing Fee ** $17.19
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    Project cost including donation to support $1,320.18
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    Still needed $1,320.18

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I have taught Computer Technology/ Computer Engineering for 26 years. It has truly amazed me the changes and the new opportunities that have occurred over the years. I started my career attending Humber College in the Electronics Technologist 3 year program. When I graduated, the electr...

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