Imagination Station for Kindergarten

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  • My Class Needs play-based manipulatives to enhance students' engagement

    Launched October 7th, 2017 Project Deadline January 10th, 2018
    Classroom Size 17 Students School Size 442 Students

    My Students

    I have 17 individual learners who are diverse, curious, keen, and active. Together, we must navigate our way so that we are able to work well with each other and appreciate each other's strengths and challenges. Learning through play and exploration is imperative in Kindergarten. It is how they learn about the world around them. Having a wide variety of manipulatives will engage and benefit the many personalities and learning styles of my kindergarten class.

    How will this project impact them?

    My students will benefit from the resources because hands-on learning and cooperative play helps to develop critical thinking, risk taking, and problem solving. These are all beneficial for STEM activities. But what my students will be more interested in, is to take what is in their incredible minds and have the opportunity to imagine, dream, and create it themselves. I love hearing, "Come look at what we made!" My goal is to spark wonder in my students, and using these resources while working in small groups will hopefully enable them to do so within themselves and amongst their classmates.

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    Classroom Magnetic Letters Kit

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    $71.95 x 1 = $71.95

    Wooden Pattern Blocks

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    $44.95 x 1 = $44.95

    Word Building Magnetic Letters-Uppercase

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    $11.95 x 3 = $35.85

    Two-Colour Counters, Plastic

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    $11.95 x 3 = $35.85

    Straws & Connectors Class Set - 705 pieces

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    $51.95 x 1 = $51.95

    Kodo Kids Discovery Ramps

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    $184.95 x 1 = $184.95

    Arch Blocks

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    $79.95 x 1 = $79.95

    Ramps & Balls Storage Box

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    $99.95 x 1 = $99.95

    Window Blocks

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    $71.95 x 1 = $71.95

    Rhythm Sticks Set

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    $37.95 x 2 = $75.90

    Glass Gemstones

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    $29.95 x 1 = $29.95

    Classroom Money Kit

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    $59.95 x 1 = $59.95

    Real Working Cash Register

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    $63.95 x 1 = $63.95

    Pattern Block Activity Cards - K-3

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    $23.95 x 1 = $23.95

    Reuse Write/Wipe Pocket Set of 10

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    $43.95 x 1 = $43.95

    Craft Wood People - 40 Assorted Wood People

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    $18.95 x 1 = $18.95

    Dough Extruders - Set of 4

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    $4.95 x 1 = $4.95
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I am a kindergarten teacher in Coquitlam. I am constantly striving to improve my practice and with that, comes a lot of learning, changing and growing. Learning for me is life-long and not confined to the four walls of the classroom. I love to seek and offer opportunities for my stud...

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