Nature Bowls for Little Hands but Big Minds

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  • My Class Needs a nature bowl to have the opportunity to question, explore and analyze nature.

    Nature Bowls for Little Hands but Big Minds Classroom Project at The Holy Trinity C.S.
    Launched September 19th, 2017 Project Deadline February 16th, 2018
    Classroom Size 30 Students School Size 535 Students

    My Students

    Students benefit from this project would be all students from JK-4 because we could easily share such an amazing piece of equipment. Teachers appreciate any used or new teaching materials and understand how beneficial it is for them to collaborate and share among themselves. With regards to the socio-economics of our school, we receive funding for a nutrition program, and we rely heavily on the Angel Foundation for financial support that include subsidies for camps, trips and even to cover eye glasses for students. 49.9% of both communities rent their homes rather than own, and the average income for both communities is $60,000/year. The schools apply for as many grants as possible to provide the students with opportunities that many other schools can easily offer; outdoor education grants and artists in the school grants to mention a few. Teachers are very conscious of the cost of trips, and have become very creative in how to deliver experiences to their students on a budget including timing of trips, bus subsidies.

    How will this project impact them?

    "Children belong outdoors. We know this intuitively, but now an extensive and ever-growing body of research supports it. Kids who spend time outside every day are healthier, happier, more creative, less stressed and more alert than those who don't." David Suzuki. So how does one accomplish this when you are in city surrounded by skyrises, various transportation such as trains, streetcars and when your yard is limited to asphalt and very little grass? Well we rely on the good work of the teachers to bring nature into the classroom. Students will use this item to observe the changes that occur naturally. For example; items such as milkweed and/or cattails could be put into the bowl and students could see objects that they may not have ever seen. They can ask questions, record their observations and engage in conversation as the items change over time. The item could be used all-year long and used with themes. Another example could be snow. Students could not only watch the snow melt, they could estimate how long it would take, see the particles in the snow, etc. There are a multitude of ways that this simple object can be used. The learning is immeasurable! Short-term benefits would be student engagement, the opportunity for teachers to deliver inquiry-based learning and hands-on experiences. Long term benefits are students learning to use effective questioning that comes with inquiry-based learning, which in turn would encourage the development of growth mindsets in our young ones. Finally, students would begin making connections at an early age and develop these skills as they age. This item is just one example of learning that would inspire our children because we have no idea what they are truly capable of not just today, but tomorrow.

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