Printing Without Sobbing – Robots and Building Writing Readiness Skills

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  • My Class Needs Technology or mini Robots (Spheros). to teach coding and enhance writing skills.

    Launched September 14th, 2017 Project Deadline January 10th, 2018
    Classroom Size 60 Students School Size 426 Students

    My Students

    My 50 inner-city school students are intensely curious about the world around them. They are sponges when it comes to technology. While working on reading skills, students will simultaneously be building their digital literacy skills. Sphero’s will also help students to use interactive technology to build these important skills. My students learn best through play and a hands-on approach. They are interested in technology. I believe all students should have an opportunity to access programming skills at a young age. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Literacy, and passion based or inquiry based learning are areas in which my students excel.

    How will this project impact them?

    Without a doubt children learn best via what interests them. Play and technology, more specifically, Sphero Sprk +. These robots will be used to help learn letters and print words. Lessons will progress using an i-pad app (which we have). Mini robots (Spheros) that will help address letter and number recognition as well as capital and number formation. These hands-on activities and lessons will integrate many important language arts skills. More advanced students will use the robots for cursive writing which is a dying art in many elementary schools. Many of the memorable activities will be used for strategies for identifying and remediating students’ writing. At the core of these lessons will be maneuvering a mini-robot and simple coding skills. Students learn best by being engaged. The robots will help set a strong foundation for building reading and coding success. They in the process will also realize alternative career paths for the future.

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