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  • My Class Needs self-regulation resources to allow all types of learners to succeed

    Launched September 19th, 2017 Project Deadline December 31st, 2017
    Classroom Size 29 Students School Size 426 Students

    My Students

    My grade 5 class is composed of unique learners - diverse in many ways, including but not limited to: learning needs, background, ability to self regulate, and home involvement. My class is a student led environment with responsibility and choice given to students to decide how they best learn. They need flexible learning spaces/tools in order to allow them to self regulate and increase engagement in their learning.

    How will this project impact them?

    In order to have a classroom where there is a tremendous amount of flexibility given to alternative work spaces, there must be the tools there to support it. Students today continue to struggle with being able to self regulate. They want to learn in different ways but are not always sure how to make good choices. Having these tools and teaching students how to use them gives them another way to be successful. Some students do great at their desk and are able to tune out distractions and succeed. Others need quiet corners or to sit comfortably on the floor or under a desk. Some need the extra stimulation or concentration an exercise ball might bring. I really believe this will help students unlock some of their potential as they are able to focus in on learning more. Long term this helps these students know they can be successful if given the proper support!

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    EarBanZ Earmuffs - Blue

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    Seating Disc 15"

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    Weighted Compression Vest - Medium

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    Exercise Ball - 24"

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I am an intermediate teacher excited about using technology in positive and creative ways to make learning more relevant and fun for my students. I believe in a student led classroom that empowers the students to take charge of their learning. This allows them to be problem solvers, ...

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