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  • My Class Needs Troughs to experiment outdoors

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    My Students

    My class absolutely loves outdoor learning! We like to go out and search and examine, build and create. Smithson Public School is currently creating an outdoor learning area. Our school has approximately 250 students, including congregated classes in ASD, Developmental Education and Hearing Services. We have a large playground area with a butterfly garden area, a primary creative playground and a junior climbing creative, a baseball field, and two soccer areas, as well as other areas to use. One thing we are lacking is outdoor learning tools that will engage and contribute to students' education. Our goal, in creating an outdoor learning space, is to get our children back to nature and use earth resources for inquiry. As well, our primary programs are becoming more play-based with inquiry and outdoor learning is a big component of our goals. Our school is geographically in a low-mid demographic area. This makes it a challenge to fund raise as we draw on a very small population. In addition, we have no public park in the near vicinity of the school so the areas we have are used extensively in the evenings and weekends by community members for t-ball, pick up soccer games, and playing on equipment.

    How will this project impact them?

    We are asking for funding for galvanized steel troughs. Galvanized steel troughs would be used as experimentation stations with sand and soil. Students will experiment with growth of plants, movement of materials and a variety of other things that they will do when their imaginations soar. Again, co-operative play is always at the forefront. Having this equipment will give students good purpose in experimenting in the outdoors. All students in the school will have access at various times during the day to the equipment so it will be well used by all. We expect the provocations of our students to increase as they are exposed to equipment provided which will enhance their learning.

    Project Report

    from Mrs. Arnott

    We received our troughs several weeks ago and immediately had the school board fill them with different mediums, crushed gravel and soil. Outdoor learning is a key focus of learning for our entire primary division and the troughs are always a busy place. Student shave been using the natural materials in them to build various structures. Castles, houses, community layouts from around the world (Social Studies focus). MAth tools are often brought out to the troughs and students are weighing and measuring different materials they find outside. They had to fill an entire bucket and heap it to have the same weight as a rock they found. Students created inclined planes and measured distances from different heights, each time using the troughs for stabilizing their inquiry. some seeds were planted in the corner of a trough and the plants germinated, focussing discussion on plants needs. The impact has been so positive. Students are experimenting in the troughs and the height of troughs is perfect as they aren't building on the ground and have a spot to leave/display their work. The troughs also allow for great cooperative work as students can be all around the activity. When we head outdoors for learning, students will often ask if they can use the troughs. They are always finding creative things to try (ramps, building moats and seeing if things sink or float) Feedback has been so positive -"We love using the troughs in Science." " Can we build a race car track around using boards for ramps in the troughs?" "These troughs are so cool and me and my dad came over last night to try my truck digger." "Can we try filling some containers at the troughs (during capacity) over the troughs and see which one holds the most." "I love building in the troughs!" "Wish I had one at home." "I want to try planting seeds in all three troughs to see if stuff will grow in all of them." Thank you so much to our sponsors for providing this valuable outdoor resource for ALL students to use at Smithson.

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