Imaginative Play in Kindergarten

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  • My Class Needs animals, dolls and a dollhouse to enhance imagination and social skills.

    Launched April 26th, 2017 Project Deadline August 31st, 2017
    Classroom Size 22 Students School Size 522 Students

    My Students

    The students at Green Timbers come from various cultures and socio-economic status. They all have a strong desire to play, learn and are curious about their surroundings. Each student is individual in their learning style and adds a unique perspective to our classroom family dynamics. I am looking forward to ensuring they have every opportunity to engage in pretend play to build essential skills, such as, problem solving, imagination, critical thinking, self-expression and self-regulation.

    How will this project impact them?

    Animals, dolls and a dollhouse will encourage all students to engage in imaginative play and build essential skills that will enhance their cognitive, language and learning skills. Through dramatic play children develop their social and emotional skills and will learn how to cooperate, problem solve, be flexible, build empathy and gain an understanding of social expectations. Through conversations they build their oral language and critical thinking skills as they interact with their peers and learn the rules to various pretend situations. All of the benefits of play mentioned above lead to self-regulation, which will assist them in life. A gender neutral dollhouse will provide my students, boys and girls, an outlet, to work through their wonders, act out their ideas and practice family roles. The figures will also be used a provocations for further learning and writing prompts.

    Project Report

    from Mrs. Baxter

    The students helped me unpack all of our new resources when they arrived and immediately began to play with them, creating play, sharing, problem solving and critical thinking.

    The new treehouse with accessories and the many realistic looking animals are played with several times each day. During free choice play the students use the animals and dollhouse to create imaginative play scenes, developing their oral language skills, social skills and developing their creativity. They incorporate other toys, such as blocks to build the animals homes, playdough to view the animals footprints, and the cash register to pretend they are at a store and are buying the animals.

    The treehouse has opened up play to all children, boys and girls. They love the swinging rope ladders, the car and all of the furniture. I can hear them role playing with the dolls, often working through scenarios they have heard at home or school. They are able to talk through the scenarios with their peers, gaining different perspectives, finding solutions and learn to problem solve and play in cooperative ways.

    The animals and dolls have been used to support writing and in mathematics. For writing, the students have used the animals and dolls to create a story that they act out and then draw out. They are also placed out as writing prompts to encourage students to write.

    The new materials have also been used in math for sorting, patterning and comparison.

    Thank you for this amazing gift to our class!! We are so grateful for all of the learning opportunities you have granted our class and future classes to come.

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    Classic Wild Animal Collection

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    Classic Forest Animal Collection

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    Classic Dinosaur Collection

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    Classic Ocean Animal Collection Resources Jumbo Animals, Ocean Animals

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    Melissa & Doug® Doll House Family

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    Melissa & Doug® Car & Doll Set

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    Wintergreen Giant Treehouse

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    Treehouse Furniture Set

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    Jumbo Dinosaur Animal Collection - Set of 5

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