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  • My Class Needs creek sampling science supplies to collect samples to evaluate creek health

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    My Students

    Every year I welcome an academically inclined group of grade seven french immersion students. They come from a rural area in southern Ontario where agriculture has greatly modified the landscape and ecosystems present. Many of them focus on book learning with very little hands-on knowledge. As a result I try to introduce as many hands on activities as possible. We would like to introduce them to a stream ecosystem which runs through the edge of town. In order to do so we need some field tools.

    How will this project impact them?

    Humans have had a huge impact on our surroundings. We are located in a small village surrounded by agriculture. The large forests which would originally have covered the area where removed and have been replaced by open fields. Many of the rivers and streams in the area have suffered a loss of habitat and species. Trout would once have been prevalent but are now found only in small numbers. In order to better understand what a healthy stream looks like, and what steps could be suggested to local authorities in order to improve river health, we would like to purchase a variety of stream assessment tools. The short term benefits will be a real life application of skills such as graphing, calculating volume, measuring and using microscopes. Longer term benefits would be greater stewardship and a sense of connection to local issues. Improving habitat for salmonids is also a longer term goal.

    Project Report

    from Mr. Curry

    We received funding to purchase kick nets, seine nets and other data collection tools. We used them to assess the health of a creek in our community. With our new tools we were able to conduct a much more in-depth assessment of the health of the creek as well as learning realistic scientific collection techniques. Our superior nets allowed us to catch 3 species of fish compared to the one species which we have collected in the past. Among them was a 13 cm long creek chub, something which we never could have managed previously! Proper kick nets caused the number of benthic invertebrate species found to skyrocket! We even had the good fortune of having one of our stonefly larva hatch out only an hour after being caught. The students were able to watch the individual transform from a swimming life form to a flying one. It is often hard to engage intermediate students but they were all rather enthralled. There was many an 'Awesome!' or 'that's gross' and more than a few 'What is that?'. As a result they took to the computers in a race to be the first to properly identify the species. In the process they learned about many other types of river 'bugs' as well as the details of their life cycles. Too cool, and very rewarding for me as a teacher. The lesson took on a life of it's own and the students directed their own learning, asking and answering their own questions. They even had questions which we haven't been able to find the answers to. Questions such as: What should the pH of the river be? What temperatures should we be seeing? How many different species of fish live in this part of the river? As a result I have reached out to the local conservation authority and have received a slew of excellent river data. I will be able to integrate the data next year and create an even more comprehensive study of the river as a result. All in all a relatively small financial donation has resulted in a change in both my teaching and the learning of my students. Thank you!

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    Student Grade Kick Net

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    THRIFTY MINNOW SEINE NETS: 8′ Long, 1/8″ Mesh

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    Stanley PowerWinder® 100-ft Open-Reel Tape Measure


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