Exploring the Maple Syrup Process at Macaulay PS

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  • My Class Needs maple syrup supplies to explore the process of making maple syrup

    Launched February 20th, 2017 Project Deadline April 15th, 2017
    Classroom Size 24 Students School Size 270 Students

    My Students

    Initially, our maple project will benefit the children in two kindergarten classes at Macaulay PS. It will allow us to get outside/exercise more often, inquire about a truly Canadian pastime while learning safe tapping procedures and the importance of our natural surroundings. We are grateful to have a wooded area behind our school because it is a place we often take our children to explore and investigate through outdoor education. Eventually, our goal is to expand the project school-wide.

    How will this project impact them?

    Tapping trees for the purpose of making maple syrup will yield many benefits not only for the students in our kindergarten classes, but Macaulay Public School at large. The main benefits of this new program is for students to explore/inquire about the maple syrup process while learning about the importance and sustainability of our natural surroundings. Equally important, students will have the ability to get outside daily as part of outdoor and physical education and be able to participate in "hands-on" learning while building classroom and school community. Our goal is to help students appreciate what can be accomplished with teamwork and hard work, improve overall student well-being, and link learning to the Ontario curriculum. Our community, both inside and outside of the school will play a large role in this project which will yield many benefits in strengthening our school spirit.

    Project Report

    from Mrs. Kamachi

    This first year of exploring the maple process was a glowing success. Students were able to learn first hand all of the aspects of maple syrup production because we had the right tools and equipment. Students were involved in identifying maple trees, drilling the holes, hanging the buckets and lids, collecting the sap daily, filtering the sap, cooking the sap into syrup and of course, eating their finished product.

    This was a new skill for many of our students and they were able to physically get involved and explore a process that is truly Canadian. Without having the spigots, buckets, collection drums, filters, and bricks to build a fire pit, none of this exploration would have been possible. And most exciting, we will be able to use the materials that were purchased, for years to come.

    The whole maple inquiry really took shape in the fall when the kids began to notice the leaves fall off the trees. We were able to identify that most of the trees were maples and that sparked and interest in what those trees can provide us with...maple syrup! Over the winter and into spring, we decided what materials we needed to have in order to make syrup and were able to raise funds to conduct our inquiry. Aside from just making syrup, we learned so much more about sustainability, different seasons, why leaves fall off trees and were able to incorporate so many different aspects of the language and math curriculum.

    Students from both Kindergarten classes were very excited to see and be part of the process. They all expressed how much fun they had making syrup and if we can do it again next year. Every morning, they would ask to see how much sap had flowed and if they could empty the buckets. The made connections about the weather and how it affects the sap flow. This whole process gave us even more motivation to get outside and get moving! Here are a few examples of what the children had told us about their maple experiences and a few things they have learned...

    "Some syrup is dark and some is light"
    "Darker syrup means it is thicker"
    "Trees have to be big enough yo tap"
    "The sap gets cloudy if it gets too warm"
    "Don't drill too far...it hurts the tree"
    "We pour the sap through the filter the get the bugs and twigs out"

    We are so thankful to have had this experience and for all of the donations made to our project. Without this support, none of this would have been possible...

    Thank You!!!

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    2 gallon plastic bucket

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $3.95 x 30 = $118.50

    plastic lid for bucket

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $3.10 x 30 = $93.00

    5/16'' plastic spout

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $1.45 x 30 = $43.50

    #8 filtration cone

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $12.00 x 2 = $24.00

    #8 poly. prefilter, 12/pack

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $12.60 x 1 = $12.60

    55 Gal. plastic drum

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $29.00 x 2 = $58.00

    4 Bottle Grading Kit

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies and Sugarbush

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    $56.00 x 1 = $56.00

    18.9L plastic pail

    Simcoe Block Building Centre Bracebridge

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    $5.84 x 10 = $58.40

    Cinter block - 15cm stretcher

    Simcoe Block Building Centre Bracebridge

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    $1.48 x 20 = $29.60

    EHF-Cinder Blocks

    Simcoe Block Building Centre

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    $1.00 x 1 = $1.00

    8 1/4'' digital thermometer

    Sweetwater Maple Syrup

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    $31.95 x 1 = $31.95
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