MyClassNeeds (MCN ) is the charitable affiliate of Curriculum Services Canada (CSC). MCN and CSC do not endorse or promote any particular supplier, product, or service requested by the teachers through our online crowdfunding platform. MCN assesses every project to ensure that the requested resources represent the most economical and impactful approach to enriching students’ learning experience.

MCN will contact the school administrator associated with the specific project and ensure that the administrator has given approval to the project to go ahead and that the resources requested meet the fundraising guidelines within their province, board or district and school.

MCN will seek competitive prices from various suppliers to ensure the best possible price for the materials and services. Where available, MCN may (at our discretion) suggest lower-cost alternatives that may accomplish the same project goals. Our suggestion of an alternate option is not an endorsement by either MCN or CSC of the supplier, product or service and the final decision on the choice of resource is made by the teacher(s) themselves.

MCN will make every reasonable effort to fulfill projects as posted on the site, acknowledging that in certain cases the cost of the items requested by the teachers for the project may change. In addition, in case of certain items such as technology, the item original requested may no longer be available (e.g. discontinued and/or replaced with newer model). MCN will make every effort to replace discontinued or unavailable items with comparable equivalents. Due to such circumstances, the cost at fulfillment may differ from cost at posting. The difference in cost will be covered by the general project fund. Any savings realized on one or more projects will be used to offset increased costs of other projects. The realized savings will always remain in a restricted-use fund and will only be used towards the cost of the projects. Savings will not be used to offset operating costs of MCN.

When a partially funded project does not reach complete funding within 150 days of the date it was posted on MyClassNeeds.ca, donations are returned to donors in the form of account credits. A donor can use account credits to choose a new project to fund within 21 days of receiving the credits. After 21 days, My Class Needs will apply the account credits to a project in urgent need, on behalf of the donor.

If, for any other reason, the proposal cannot move forward (i.e., the Teacher no longer works at the specified school or no longer requires the requested materials, or the Teacher is no longer in good standing with MCN, etc.), all donations made to the proposal will be allocated to the Donor as account credits which will then follow the procedure outlined above.

Infrequently, a Teacher will move from one school to a different school while they have active projects available for funding on our site. Until the teacher alerts us to their move, the school information associated with any projects posted on the website may not accurately reflect the new school at which they are teaching. In addition, we may deliver the resources requested by that Teacher to their classroom at their new school, even if some or all of the project's donations were received before the Teacher's school information was updated on our website.

In rare instances, a Teacher fails to submit feedback for the project they have had funded at MCN. In this instance, all Donors will be notified by MCN and the Teacher may be excluded from future use of the Site.

MCN cannot be responsible for the success of any proposed or funded projects or for the activities (or lack thereof) of the Teachers or students participating in any proposed or funded projects.

In addition to the rights of MCN described elsewhere in this UA, you agree that descriptions of the proposed activity, the photographs of students and the thank-you notes, and other materials that MCN may send you regarding each project you fund are solely for your personal, non-commercial use and may not be distributed, displayed or copied in any way.