Eligibility Guidelines

(Note: A set of step-by step videos on the application process are available at this link: http://blog.myclassneeds.ca/3-ApplicationGuide )

School Eligibility Guidelines

Schools must be K-12 schools located in Canada and must receive majority of their operational funding from public sources to be eligible to participate. This includes Catholic (and other faith-based) schools and independent schools so long as they receive the majority of their operational funding through the public system. First Nations schools funded by the federal government through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada are also eligible.

Teacher Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Wintergreen 40 for 40 initiative and to post a project on MyClassNeeds.ca, a teacher must be:

  • A qualified K-12 educator 
  • A full-time employee (or equivalent) in an eligible school within Canada (Note: teachers in permanent jobshare positions would be eligible, but not teachers in temporary/supply/short-term positions) 
  • Primarily assigned to directly serve students  

Project Eligibility Requirements

  • Projects from all disciplines/subjects (e.g. Art, Science, Phys Ed, English, etc.) will be considered, as long as their request is for materials from Wintergreen. 
  • A project must clearly identify a potential benefit to student learning 
  • The project must adhere to Provincial/Board/School fundraising policies 
  • Classroom project requests must be submitted by the individual educator who will carry on the project 
  • Projects cannot request cash/cash equivalents or perishable items (including food) 
  • Projects are limited to a maximum of $1,000 (before shipping, taxes, and fees) 
  • The project cannot be contingent on any additional resources not already committed and confirmed (e.g. if the project request is for sensor and probe kits, and the funds raised through My Class Needs are meant to cover portion of the kits, all the other resources required to realize the project, such as a computer to analyze sensor data must be already committed or available) 
  • Teachers can post one (1) project at a time 
  • For more information on rules, consult the Program Rules and FAQs

Ineligible Suppliers

For this initiative only projects that request items from Wintergreen are eligible.

Eligible Resources

Most items available from Wintergreen are eligible.

NOTE: Please consult your board policies on fundraising and purchasing to ensure your request complies with established practices.

Ineligible Resources

Following items are not eligible for funding under the Wintergreen 40 for 40 Fund: 

  • Furniture (e.g. plain tables, chairs, cabinets) 
  • Building equipment (e.g. bulbs, fans, heaters, air conditioners) 
  • Textbooks Personal Technology (e.g. computers, laptops, tablets) 
  • Appliances