Eligibility Guidelines

(Note: A set of step-by step videos on the application process are available at this link: http://blog.myclassneeds.ca/3-ApplicationGuide )

School Eligibility Guidelines

Schools must be K-12 schools located in the eligible School Districts in the Montreal Area and must receive majority of their operational funding from public sources to be eligible to participate.

Classroom project requests must be submitted by individual educators.

Preference will be give to schools in the following areas:

  • ParcEx
  • Saint Michel
  • MontrealNord
  • Hochelaga
  • Ahunstic

Teacher Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Fuel Your School initiative and to post a project on MyClassNeeds.ca, a teacher must be:

  • A qualified K-12 educator
  • A full-time employee (or equivalent) in an eligible school within the Montreal Area (Note: teachers in permanent jobshare positions would be eligible, but not teachers in temporary/supply/short-term positions)
  • Primarily assigned to directly serve students

Project Eligibility Requirements

  • A project must clearly identify a potential benefit to student learning
  • The project must adhere to Provincial/Board/School fundraising policies
  • Projects are limited to specific materials outlined below
  • Projects from all disciplines/subjects are eligible, as long as they engage the students in maker projects
  • For more information on rules, consult the Program Rules and FAQs

Eligible Resources

Teachers can apply for the following kits:

  • Maker Garden Kit:

    • Tools, resources and materials provided in this maker kit will enable students to create a living classroom. Students can build a raised bed or a green terrarium to explore sustainability matters such as composting, waste reduction, water conversation and organic gardening.
    • Specific materials included are:
  • Maker Lab Kit:

    • Technology and materials provided in the tech lab kit includes a new Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Model B (Quad-Core 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM), 32 GB Micro SD Card (Class 10), CanaKit 2.5A Power Supply with 5 feet Micro USB Cable and Noise Filter, and additional electronic parts
    • Specific materials included are:
      • Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit - 32 GB Edition (link here)
  • Maker Art Kit:

    • Raw materials and crafting tools provided in this maker kit will promote innovation through play. Students will use an Education Makedo Kit and tactile objects to build towers, bridges and other creative constructions. Students will invent design and infrastructure solutions with sustainability and upcycling in mind.
    • Specific materials included are:


Teachers can request any one (or all) of the kits, to a maximum of 3 kits (one of each type).