Program FAQ

Program Rules and FAQ

Program Rules

  • Projects that are submitted will be reviewed by to determine if they meet eligibility guidelines
  • If selected, projects will be posted on MyClassNeeds.
  • Projects will be assigned funding based on their position in the funding queue for their given area
  • Projects are to have a maximum cost of $500 (before taxes and fees)
  • Project applications will be suspended when the School Success Fund is fully allocated to posted projects in a given funding round  and will resume when funds are again available.
  • Project applications will resume when funds become available
  • Teachers must comply with all MyClassNeeds program rules, including the completion of a close-out package if their project is successful


  • What is the relationship between MyClassNeeds, Scholar's Choice and the School Success Fund?

    The My Class Needs Foundation (MyClassNeeds) is a Canadian registered charity. MyClassNeeds is an independent organization, and is not controlled or run by Scholar's Choice. MyClassNeeds administers the School Success Fund Program in Canada. The funding for the program is provided by Scholar's Choice through their contribution and in-store or online donations by Scholar's Choice customers.

  • Does Scholar's Choice pick projects or decide what gets funded?

    MyClassNeeds reviews projects to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria, verify the costing, etc. The applications are never sent to, reviewed or vetted by Scholar's Choice.

  • Is there advertising in the classroom as a component of the program?

    There is NO advertising in schools as a part of this or any other MyClassNeeds program and teachers are never required to talk to their students about the program sponsor. 

  • Do teachers have to communicate with Scholar's Choice? Do kids have to write Thank-You cards to Scholar's Choice?

    MyClassNeeds is the point of contact for teachers regarding their projects, from submission to delivery of resources and follow-up. Teachers do not communicate with Scholar's Choice. When a project is fully funded, MyClassNeeds purchases the resources and ships them to the school.

    Applicants who receive resources are required to complete a closeout package for MyClassNeeds which includes a brief report (less than one page) on how the resources are being used in the classroom and thank you cards (for donors who gave more than $50). The closeout package is not provided to Chevron by MyClassNeeds or the teacher. Thank you cards are not addressed to a specific donor, instead they are addressed anonymously (e.g. “Dear Donor…” or simply “Thank You…”). This is a requirement of all projects funded through MyClassNeeds regardless of how projects are funded or whether they are part of a sponsored program.

  • What does the initiative involve?

    Scholar's Choice will collect donations from customers at their retail stores and their online store, across Canada. Scholar's choice will provide a matching gift and transfer the gift and collected donations to the My Class Needs Foundation. My Class Needs will use the donations to fund eligible classroom projects in the respective school districts with operations in the above listed Canadian school districs. All classroom project requests must be approved by My Class Needs to be eligible for funding. 

  • Who can participate?


    Consumers participate by visiting participating Scholar's Choice stores or website and donating during checkout. Consumers may also independently fund classroom projects on the website by making a separate, individual donation, however there is no obligation or requirement to do so.


    Educators participate by submitting classroom project requests between September 6, 2016 and November 30, 2017 on Schools must be K-12 schools located in any of the above mentioned municipalities or school districts outlined in the eligibility guidelines and must receive the majority of their operating funding from public sources to be eligible to participate and classroom project requests must be submitted by individual educators. Project requests are eligible for School Success Fund funding only if material costs associated with the project are $500 or less per project (before fees/taxes). Projects must meet My Class Needs eligibility requirements, which can be found at: and preference will be given to elementary Math projects. Field trips are not eligible for funding through this initiative.

  • How are projects posted and made available for funding?
  • My Class Needs will review each classroom project request submitted to confirm that the project and submitter meets the eligibility requirements. Once My Class Needs approves the classroom project request, My Class Needs will post the project on its website and the project will be available for funding.

  • How are projects funded?

    The Project Funding Period begins on October 1, 2017 and ends on December 31, 2016 or once all funds have been distributed. Eligible project requests will be funded on a rotating basis by eligible school by the order in which they are received and posted on (with Elementary Math projects funded prior to funding other projects). Once projects are funded, the materials/supplies for the funded project will be fulfilled and distributed by My Class Needs.

    The full funding process is as follows:

    Requests for projects that focus on Elementary Math will be funded on a rotating basis by the order in which they are received and posted on per eligible school in an eligible district. The order of the eligible school rotation is determined by the earliest date the request for the eligible project is posted within an eligible school. Once funding has been completed for an eligible project at an eligible school, funding will move to the next earliest eligible project request posted for a different eligible school within an eligible district. An eligible school will only be eligible to have another eligible project funded once all other eligible schools that have submitted an eligible project within a district have had a project funded. If at any point there are no Elementary Math projects available for funding, non Elementary Math projects submitted by Eligible Schools will be funded, however, once one or more Elementary Math project(s) is submitted for funding Elementary Math projects shall again be prioritized above other projects in accordance with the process set out above. Scholar's Choice customers and general public may also contribute to funding eligible project requests and/or other posted projects directly through Projects submitted by Eligible Schools that cost in excess of $500 shall not be eligible for funding under the Program.

  • What types of resources can teachers request?

    Teachers can request any resources that engage Elemenatary students Math. Some of the exciting types of resource requested by teachers have included:

    Manipulatives (e.g. fraction kits, pattern blocks,…)

    Technology (coding and programming kits, robotics kits)

    Books and print materials

    Art Supplies (if you have a project that engages students in Math through art – it's eligible!)

    Teachers are encouraged to consider creative ways to engage their students in STEM related projects and materials.

  • Discontinuance

    My Class Needs and Scholar's Choice reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time.

  • Who can I contact with any questions or comments?

    Please email