Program FAQ

Program Rules and FAQ

Program Rules

  • Projects meeting the eligibility guidelines will be posted on and receive initial funding of 50% of their total cost from the Copernicus Outdoor Ed Fund
  • Teachers are responsible for raising the balance of their project funding through donations to their project on
  • Projects are to have a maximum cost of $1,000 (before taxes and fees)
  • Projects will have a posting period of 75 days
  • If the project is fully funded within 75 days of posting, the resources will be purchased by MyClassNeeds and shipped to the classroom
  • In the event a project is not fully funded after 75 days, the funding allocated to the project from the Copernicus Outdoor Ed Fund will be returned back to the Fund and made available for other qualifying project applications. Individual donors to the project will be contacted and given the opportunity to reallocate their donation to any project of their choice on
  • Project applications will be suspended when the Copernicus Outdoor Ed Fund is fully allocated to posted projects and will resume when funds are again available. Project applications will resume when funds become available
  • Teachers must comply with all MyClassNeeds program rules, including the completion of a close-out package if their project is successful


  • What does the initiative involve?

    Copernicus Educational Products will provide 50% matching funding to qualifying projects posted to Up to $5,000 is available for funding of the eligible projects. All classroom project requests must be approved by MyClassNeeds to be eligible for funding.

    To qualify, projects must have an outdoor environmental education focus and must meet the program eligibility criteria. To benefit from the funding, the teacher/project must raise the remainder of the funds through donations to their project on, within the 75 day funding period . If the funding goal is not reached, funds will be reallocated to other eligible projects.

  • Do classroom projects receive cash funding?

    No, the projects must outline resources (products or services) needed to accomplish the project goals and their associated costs. If a project is successfully funded (i.e. meets its funding goal within 75 days) MyClassNeeds purchases the resources and ensures their delivery to the classroom.

  • What happens if a project doesn’t meet the funding goal? Can a classroom receive the funds raised up to that point?

    If a project is not successfully funded within 75 days, the Copernicus Outdoor Ed Fund contribution is returned to the Fund and made available for the next eligible project. If any individual donors contributed to the project they are notified and given the opportunity to reallocate their donation to another project.

    MyClassNeeds does not provide partial funding to projects that don’t meet their funding goals.

  • How are projects posted and made available for funding?

    MyClassNeeds will review each classroom project request submitted to confirm that the project and submitter meets the eligibility requirements. Once MyClassNeeds approves the classroom project request, MyClassNeeds will post the project on and the project will be available for funding.

  • Discontinuance

    Should the program be discontinued for any reason, distributes any remaining funds to eligible projects posted on

  • Who can I contact with any questions or comments?

    Please email