Teacher Guide

Thank you for considering MyClassNeeds. We are looking forward to helping you make your classroom project a crowd-funding success.

The purpose of this page is to guide you through the following stages of your project application:

  • Posting and Validation
  • Donations
  • Success – Fulfillment and Reporting

We have additional information available to help you with writing an engaging project proposal and engaging donors.

We hope the information provided addresses any questions you might have. If you need further information please contact us directly at: info@MyClassNeeds.ca

Quick Facts

What will MyClassNeeds (MCN) fund?

Short answer: Almost any project that has a positive impact on K-12 classroom learning, as long as it meets our eligibility guidelines.

Long answer: The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. This can include projects that take place outside of the physical classroom or school, as well as extra-curricular programs, provided that there is a clear, positive and demonstrable impact on the K-12 students’ learning environment.

Requested project materials can include anything from reading materials to school trips and all possibilities in between. If your class would benefit from lab materials, manipulatives or a guest lecturer – we want to help. (Please note that certain partner initiatives may have different eligibility requirements and restrictions on requested materials)

Our goal is to make fundraising simpler and easier for you. We help cost out and post the projects you identify, supplement your project promotion, and ensure donors receive tax receipts.

Once a project is fully funded, MCN purchases and coordinates delivery to your school (be it books or admission to a museum). With your help, we make sure that donors are kept abreast of the project success. We support your fundraising effort so you can concentrate on what you do best – helping students achieve their learning goals.

What are MyClassNeeds funding limitations?

There are few instances where MCN is not able to help you fundraise:

  • If there is no clearly defined benefit to student learning.
  • If fundraising for your project/resource contravenes your Provincial/Board/School policy (e.g. fundraising for textbooks is not allowed in the Ontario publicly funded system). To ensure policies are followed, MCN requires approval from your school administrator prior to posting.
  • Cash-only requests & perishables. MyClassNeeds is committed to ensuring resources are delivered to schools. Therefore we cannot accept projects that request cash or perishables.
  • Items that cannot be shipped or delivered by the supplier (e.g. lumber and other large contruction materials)
  • First-Time Projects that exceed $1,000. Every 1st time project application is limited to a maximum of $1000 (before shipping, taxes, and fees). Once you have successfully funded a project, the limit is eliminated. Projects funded through a partner-supported stream (e.g. Fuel Your School, Copernicus Eco Fund, etc.) do not count towards a minimum of one successfully funded project. (NOTE: MCN strongly advises that project requests be kept within a manageable dollar amount, as a smaller ask increases the chances of successfully funding a project)

Brief introduction to MyClassNeeds

How does this work?

There are three elements. Teachers post. Donors give. Students succeed.

Teachers Post

Teachers complete a simple application process. We validate the applications to ensure the projects positively impact student learning. The criteria for validation is outlined below in the ‘Stage1: Application’ section. The application is short but comprehensive.

A successful application is costed and your project is posted to MyClassNeeds.ca. Each project has its own dedicated page, with a maximum posting of 150 calendar days to complete the funding goal. Depending on your fundraising goal you may choose to have a condensed project time (to a minimum of 30 calendar days).

Teachers are permitted 2 concurrent project postings on the website. Once your project has been successfully funded, you must complete a report and donor ‘Thank You’ package. If, unfortunately, your project has not received full funding, you can apply with a different project.

Donors Give

Once your project is posted, MCN manages the administrative aspects of the donation process, including issuing tax receipts, while you promote your project.

Students Succeed

When a project achieves full-funding, MCN coordinates the purchase and delivery of your resource(s) to your class as soon as possible. We inform you and the donors of the success.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to use resource(s) in your classroom, MCN supports your completion of the report and donor ‘Thank You’ package. .

Tips for a successful project

  • Feasibility.

    While we won’t try to dissuade you from proposing larger projects, we do want you to keep in mind the feasibility of smaller requests. They generally have a better chance of being funded. Whatever the size of your ask, our support doesn’t change. Don’t forget there is a limit on first-time projects.

  • Specificity.

    Be sure to address specific learning goals in your project description. This information is part of our eligibility requirements and resonates with donors as it lays out the potential impact of their donation.

  • Clarity.

    Your application will become your project page on MyClassNeeds.ca. Your writing should be clear and compelling. It should capture the attention and imagination of potential donors. Looking for tips on how to create a compelling post? Click here.

  • Engagement.

    You are your best salesperson! When you promote your MyClassNeeds project within your networks and community, you increase your chances at success. For ideas and tools to help you promote your project, see the Promote Your Project page

Stage 1: Application

The application process involves completing an online form.

Application Form

Once you have started, you will be able to save and return to your application before you submit. MCN recommends teachers download this Offline Template to organize their responses. You will need the following information to complete your application:.

  1. Contact information for you and your school’s administrator
  2. Information about your school
  3. Title of your project/initiative. (Maximum 100 characters)
  4. Who are the students who will benefit? (Maximum 500 characters)
  5. Describe the intended learning goal and how the resource(s) will support that goal. (Maximum 900 characters)
  6. What resource(s) are you requesting?
    • Resource name/description
    • Item catalogue number in supplier catalogue (if available)
    • Supplier
    • Link to the resource on supplier website (if available)
    • Quantity
    • Estimated cost per unit
  7. Project summary
  8. Teacher bio and photo
  9. Project photograph

For tips on writing an effective, attention-grabbing project posting click here.

Photograph specifications:

  • JPEG format
  • Landscape oriented
  • 800x600 pixels
  • Colorful
  • Photograph should speak to your project (it could be a visual metaphor or a literal image)

For tips on taking an effective picture, see our Photo Guidelines.

NOTE: Should you choose to use your students in your photo, written permission from a parent or guardian (for students under 18) is required. Download the Photo Release Form..

Unrecognizable/unidentifiable (e.g. student is only visible from the back, the photo is a close-up of the student’s hand, etc.) student images do not require the same permission.

Stage 2: Validation and Posting

MCN validates each project to ensure they meet our eligibility guidelines, identify learning goals and have a clear strategy for achieving those goals.

The validation is NOT intended to measure your creativity or to reject experimental approaches. We review every application with an unbiased and open-mind.

MCN verifies the full cost of each project. The project costing includes:

  • the purchasing cost of all the materials, resources or services
  • delivery cost
  • applicable taxes
  • Fulfillment labor and materials (a $45 cost assigned to processing applications, print thank-you letters, postage, labels, envelopes, cover sheets, etc.)
  • 3rd party processing fee (a 1.5% fee is included for merchant processing credit card charges)

Donors are encouraged to donate to the costs of running the MyClassNeeds program. Donors are not obligated to contribute to these costs, but this donation offsets the costs of running a charitable organization (from office space to paper clips).

Once the costs are fully verified, the project is posted on the website

Stage 3: Donations

Once the project is posted on MyClassNeeds.ca, visitors to the website donate and share the project with their social networks.

Additional information on how to engage donors can be found on the Promote Your Project page.


We process all donations using a secure online donation platform. We use an industry-standard credit-card processing service that ensures secure donation process for donors.

At checkout, donors are given the option to include an optional donation to the running of the MyClassNeeds program. Donors are not obligated to contribute this amount.

Every donor is issued a tax receipt which is delivered to the donor via email and donors who contribute more than $50 receive a handwritten thank you card from the class (should the project receive full funding.)

We encourage donors to sign up for notifications of projects that match their interest (based on previous donations).

What happens if my project is not funded?

MCN is committed to raising awareness about the projects we support. However, some projects do not receive full funding. In these instances, we allow donors to reallocate their donation(s). When a project expires, donors are provided 21 days to choose one of three available options

  • Option 1: Donors re-allocate to a different project by the same teacher or school. Donor can apply their donation another project by the same teacher or within the same school. This option acknowledges a teacher’s preparation and promotion efforts for their project.
  • Option 2: Donors re-allocate funds to other projects on MyClassNeeds: if you have no other projects and no other project is available at your school, the donors can give to any project on MyClassNeeds.
  • Option 3: Donors let MyClassNeeds re-allocate the funds to other projects: If donors do not choose to reallocate their gift within 21 days, MCN will reapply the funds on their behalf. Funds will go to the most urgent projects first (based on the number of days before the funding deadline and funds needed to complete the project). Funds will only be reallocated to other projects and at no time will MCN reallocate donations intended for teacher projects to the operating costs of MCN.

Stage 4: Fulfillment and Reporting

Congratulations! Your project is fully funded. As your project has reached its funding goal we initiate the purchase of the requested resource(s) and arranging a delivery to your classroom.

Once the resource is delivered to your school we ask that you complete a project report and ‘Thank You’ package for the donors who contributed $50 or more to your project. The package consists of hand-written “Thank You” notes from you and your students and images of the project resources in use. Thank You cards and a return envelope (for sending the cards back to MCN) will be sent to you, once all of your resources (or majority of them) have been delivered. Once we receive the cards back from you, we forward them to your donors.

A project is closed when the report and ‘Thank You’ package have been delivered. Teachers must complete these items before they can post additional project(s).