For Teachers and Schools

Engage Your Class


Posting and sharing a project on is a great way to demonstrate the power of social media, the emergence of crowd funding and charitable giving to your students. Get them involved in envisioning your project, planning for its success and spreading the word. Watch for curriculum opportunities in graphing contributions, letter writing, and poster design.

Communication to parents/guardians and other interested parties can be very useful. If allowed by your school or school board, consider sending a note home. Include information about your project and, links to your project on and, if you’ve created one, your project’s Facebook page.

Tell others about your project through your class or school’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs) or through other communication methods such as a class or school newsletter. Improving the traffic to your project can only be beneficial to reaching your funding goal.

Are your students socially engaged? Check your school/school district policies and engage your students in a way that’s appropriate. There are opportunities to learn about philanthropy, exercise their tech talent and have some fun at the same time. For example, have them make a Facebook fan page for your project, “like” your class project on their Facebook page and tweet about it.

If your students are engaged and your project is successful, they may help out another class in your school by tweeting and “liking” their project.

Not only will they see the benefit of new materials and supplies, they will also have a sense of achievement, pride and accomplishment, knowing they participated in the process.