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Share your project page in your email signature

A great way to let everyone know about your project is to adding a link to your Project Page in your email signature.


Select your email provider to learn how to add or update your signature:
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Email blast

We’ve written and formatted the copy below so letting others know about your project is simple:
1. Copy + Paste the content into your email.
2. Add your unique Project URL (ex. https://www.myclassneeds/en/project/1111)
3. Add your project poster as an attachment (optional)
4. Send to your connections

Download the email template or copy and paste the text below

Email Subject:
Copy and paste the text below into the Subject field of your email

Join the [Insert Your Project Name] Cheerleading Team
In 60 seconds, you can help inspire a classroom of students.

Email Body:
Copy and paste the text below into the main body of your email

[Insert a Hyperlink to your project. Go to your project page on Copy the url in the address bar. Paste it here.]

MyClassNeeds - “Social Media Cheerleaders!”
Be part of inspiring a generation of students.
Take 60 seconds to view my classroom project. I know you’ll want to help.

Each donation, regardless of size, helps bring us closer to our goal.
Chip in what you can. It will feel great! Then, share that positive vibe; become a Social Media Cheerleader and shout out to your friends, followers and connections. The more donors we have, the faster we get enhanced learning.

Your actions are inspiring.
Enhancing Education with Each Donation.
MyClassNeeds is a Canadian charity (86821 1376 RR0001)

To date amazing Social Media Cheerleaders helped to achieve:
200+ projects funded and 7000+ students inspired with enhanced education