Janice Thomson Memorial Fund

Additional Eligibility Requirements for the Janice Thomson Memorial Fund

In addition to the general Teacher and Project Eligibility Requirements, a project must meet the following requirements to be eligible for project completion funding through the Janice Thomson Memorial Fund :

  1. The teacher must be an Ontario-certified secondary school teacher.
  2. The project must support either:
    • at-risk initiatives,
    • Special Education program(s),
    • program(s) in the Arts, or
    • program(s) in History

Janice Thomson Memorial Funds are dispersed annually by March 31st.

About Janice Thomson

Janice Thomson was a well known and respected Ontario educator. She taught history, advocated for the arts, and was committed to the needs of at-risk students. Her family and friends initiated a grant in Janice’s honour through Curriculum Service Canada’s former charitable affiliate, The Curriculum Foundation.

With the inception of My Class Needs Foundation, the grant is now used to help fund classroom projects in keeping with its original terms of reference. Specifically, the Janice Thomson Memorial Fund helps Ontario-certified secondary school teachers achieve their fundraising goals through MyClassNeeds by providing completion funding if their projects support initiatives and programs for students-at-risk, the arts, history, or special education.