Contact us at: info@myclassneeds.ca or tweet us @myclassneeds

  • Are you a registered charity?

    Yes. My Class Needs (MCN) is a registered Canadian charity (868211376 RR0001)

  • What is your relationship to federal, provincial or municipal governments or school boards?

    My Class Needs(MCN) is a separately incorporated charitable affiliate of Curriculum Services Canada (CSC). CSC is an independent not-for-profit organization providing quality solutions for learning. Both CSC and MCN are non-government organizations. CSC has worked with governments, school boards and the private sector on a variety of learning initiatives, but remains an independent organization. To find out more about CSC, visit: www.curriculum.org

  • How are projects selected for funding?

    My Class Needs assesses every application to ensure that it meets MCN eligibility criteria and has clear and identifiable learning goals. Teachers are expected to have obtained permission for project posting from their School administrators to ensure that the proposed projects meet the provincial, school board/district and school policies on fundraising.

  • Do you fund private schools, after-school programs or early learning programs?

    We support all publicly-funded K-12 classrooms. This includes any school which receives public funding for its operating costs (e.g. in Ontario, this would include Catholic schools, and in BC it would include Category 1 and 2 independent schools, and it also includes any federally-funded schools). We support extra-curricular activities as part of improving student’s learning environment within the publicly-funded K-12 schools. We do not support early learning programs (e.g. Ontario Early Years Centres or BC Strong Start programs), after-school programs, home-school programs or schools that are not part of the publicly-funded system.

  • Are there classroom projects that would be ineligible for MyClassNeeds?

    To ensure the delivery to classrooms and provide transparency for donors, MCN cannot accept projects that request cash or cash equivalents (gift cards, etc.).

    To ensure student safety we cannot accept requests for perishable food items.

    We work with teachers and school administrators to ensure that projects follow fundraising policies in their jurisdiction and cannot accept projects that fall outside the local funding policies.

    Our focus is on improving classroom experiences for students, so we cannot accepts requests for items or projects that don’t directly impact the classroom learning. (e.g. teacher’s personal technology, after-school programs, etc.)

  • Why is there a time-limit on projects?

    We want donations to impact the classrooms as soon as possible, which is why we have a generous but specific maximum time for projects. In the event that a project does not achieve its funding target after 150 days of being posted to the MCN website, donors are able to redirect their contribution towards another project of their choosing.

  • What happens when a project does not meet its fundraising goal?

    Donors will be notified and given three possible options:
    (1) re-direct the funds to another project by the same teacher, or other projects at the same school, or
    (2) re-direct the funds to other projects

    All donors will have 21 days from being notified to make a choice of how to re-direct their donation. If a donor does not make a choice after 21 days, My Class Needs will re-direct the funds to other projects based on urgency.

    All funds assigned by donors to classroom projects will always be directed solely to other projects. At no point will MCN re-direct funds from uncompleted projects to the operating costs of MCN.

  • What if a cost of the project changes during the fundraising period?

    If, at the completion and purchase stage, the costs of the project exceed the project budget, MyClassNeeds will make up the cost difference. If the cost of the project is less than the budget, the difference would be applied to MCN operating costs to cover the cases where the project cost has increased.

  • What if a project gets over-funded?

    As soon as a project is fully funded its status is updated on the website and donations are no longer accepted for that project. However, if two donors donate at precisely the same time to a project OR if the costs associated with the project items decrease at time of completion/purchase the additional funds would remain within the General Project fund and would be used first to cover those eventualities when the final costs of the project exceed the budget.

  • Is there a minimum donation? Why?

    MCN will accept any donation above $5. Donations below $5 dollars are exceedingly costly in merchant fees we incur for processing online donations.

  • Will I receive a charitable tax receipt?

    Every donor will receive a charitable tax receipt, for donations above $5. In order to reduce the costs associated with online payment processing we suggest donors make a minimum donation of $25

  • Will I be able to get my money back if the project is not fully funded and I don’t want my donation redistributed?

    Because we issue tax receipts at time of donation and those receipts are not revocable MCN is not able to refund donations if projects are not fully funded. We will try to make sure that you can re-assign your donation to the projects by the same teacher, classroom or school – if available.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    As a Charitable Organization, MyClasNeeds Foundation has a strict NON-Refund policy on all donations made through our website, except in the event where a duplicate transaction occurs due to an error in the software or the processing.

  • Do you charge any fees to the projects?

    Every project has the following costs included in its fundraising total:

    * Fulfillment Materials: $45. This covers the physical costs of processing teacher and student thank-you letters and pictures, including printing, postage, labels, envelopes, cover sheets, etc.

    * Payment Processing Fee: 1.5% An average of fees charged to MyClassNeeds for processing donations (e.g. credit card payments through a secure server). We have worked hard to select the most secure option for the cost.

    * Optional Donation: An optional donation to support MyClassNeeds which is estimated at 15% of the project’s price tag. The optional contribution supports the work we do to engage teachers, build awareness, and to generally run MyClassNeeds. To do that we need a world- class website supported by strong business systems and processes that improve over time. The optional donation is truly optional to donors: if they choose to opt out of contributing the total amount of the optional donation decreases, and can even be 0% if none of the donors elect to make the optional contribution.

  • Is there any other charge being added to my donation?

    Every donor is encouraged to contribute to the cost of My Class Needs programs through an optional donation. The optional donation is clearly indicated during the checkout process and every donor is given the opportunity to opt out or change the amount of the optional donation.

  • What is the purpose of the optional donation to MyClassNeeds?

    The optional donation supports the operating costs of MyClassNeeds, including office space and supplies, staff, etc.

  • How will my donation be used? What does my donation go to?

    Your donation is used to purchase and deliver materials or services that directly benefit Canadian classrooms. Every project includes a detailed description of the requested materials, services and the related costs. Donors also have the option, solely at their discretion, of directing a portion of their donation to the operating costs of MCN.

  • How will I know if my chosen school/project materials were delivered to the school?

    You will receive an e-mail notification once a project is successfully funded and materials have been delivered to the school.

  • How will I know that the materials I helped to fund are being used for their intended purpose?

    MCN takes care to assess every application to ensure that materials being requested are intended specifically for enriching learning experience of students. We will also follow up with the teacher and their administrator and ensure they complete a final project report that demonstrates the use of the resource in the classroom.

  • How do I know that my donation funds are used in the most economical way, i.e. has the product been costed at the best possible price?

    MCN assesses every project to ensure that the requested resources represent the most economical and impactful approach to enriching students’ learning experience. Where available, we suggest lower-cost alternatives that accomplish the same goals. We also seek competitive prices from various suppliers to ensure the best possible price for the materials and services.

  • How can I contribute, other than through donations?

    We have a set of tools to help you support classroom projects. You can help by spreading the word about the projects through your social networks. You can spread the word through e-mail or most social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Within your community, you can help by printing out the flier for each project and posting it at your local store, community centre, place of business, etc. If you are an online maven you can also use our handy ‘embed’ function to spread the word about the projects by posting them on your own website or blog.

    MCN is also always on the lookout for spirited volunteers to help us in a variety of areas from project fulfillment, marketing, legal services, etc. Please e-mail info@myclassneeds.ca to volunteer. .

    We also welcome corporate partnerships to aid in our initiative. Partners and sponsors can support both the MyClassNeeds program and individual projects through a variety of options (including, but not limited to completion funding, donation matching, product donations, or discounts, etc.)

    If you would like to partner with us in supporting Canadian classrooms, please contact us at development@myclassneeds.ca