Donations Explained

So, what happens next? We’re very glad you asked. Below is a brief explanation of what the next steps will be, depending on whether the project(s) you donated to reach their funding goal or not.

Let’s say you donate $10 each to 2 projects.

My Class Needs will hold the funds for the project until the project is fully funded or the funding deadline for the project has been reached (whichever comes first).

One project is successfully funded...

My Class Needs will notify you of the project’s success via email.

My Class Needs will then use the funds donated to the successful project to purchase the requested resources...

... and will arrange delivery to the classroom.

The teacher will send you a thank you email and possibly a photo of the resources you helped acquire being used in class.

... the other project is not successful

My Class Needs will notify you via email if the project reaches the deadline without being funded. We want you to have the opportunity to choose where you’d like the funds to be reassigned.

..You will have 21 days to reallocate that $10 to another needy classroom project. It could be another project by the same teacher or at the same school. Or it may be any other project on the website (though there are some urgent projects that would benefit from your generosity).

If the choice is too hard to make, you can let us assign the funds. We will assign them to the most urgent projects with greatest chances of being successful.

After 21 days, if the funds still haven’t been allocated they will be assigned directly to the most urgent projects (same as if you let us assign the funds)

Either way, your donation will go towards funding important classroom projects across the country. We will never reassign the portion of the donation you've dedicated to the classrom projects to our operating costs.