About Us

“The People”

We are a deep-rooted community that provides students from low-income households access to innovative resources and technology to immensely improve the quality of their education.

“The Goal”

My Class Needs believes in the power of bringing social change through education. This is a remarkable feat that we hope to achieve by providing each student access to supplies and resources that aren’t government-funded.

We aim to fill classrooms with the most innovative and educational material and help spark curiosity and enthusiasm amongst our students. We also pride ourselves as the only registered Canadian Charity of our kind which is why we strive to provide our children with the most innovative resources we can find.

My Class Needs Foundation believes in equal opportunities for all students and hopes that someday, not only will we be able to secure the needs of our students but also secure their futures as well.

“The Plan”

Our mission is to provide publicly-funded Canadian schools with innovative technology and resources to help support students and enrich their learning experience. We employ the use of a funding program that enables donors to support classrooms that is simple, transparent, accountable, and directly connect to the needs of Canadian classrooms and their students.