Boarded Pets’ Dental Health: Importance & Best Practices

Pets are cherished members of our families, so we intend to ensure they get the best treatment possible. When boarding our pets, we typically consider their safety, security, convenience, and wellness. However, one element of pet care usually overlooked is dental health.

Dental troubles in pets are typical and can lead to pain, infection, and systemic diseases. For that reason, boarding centers need to prioritize preventative dental look for their furry guests.

Why Is Preventive Dental Treatment Important?

Preventive dental care is vital for all pets however required for boarding pets. Boarding facilities can be stressful atmospheres for pets, worsening existing dental concerns or making them more likely to occur. This is especially true for pets susceptible to anxiousness or stress-related habits such as eating things that can damage their teeth.

Oral issues in pets can go undetected for a long time because pets are experts at hiding their discomfort. Therefore, regular teeth cleanings and exams are important in discovering dental problems early, before they become much more severe.

Preventive dental care can also significantly impact pets’ general health and well-being. Pain, infection, and even systemic diseases like kidney, liver, and cardiovascular disease can result from oral concerns. Boarding facilities can aid in ensuring that pets stay healthy, balanced, cozy, and satisfied while promoting excellent oral health and dealing with dental troubles immediately. 

You should consult a professional or read on to find more information.

Finest Practices for Preventive Dental Treatment in Boarding Facilities

There are several ideal methods that boarding centers can implement to provide the most effective oral care for their furry guests:

  1. Educating Team to Acknowledge Dental Issues: The boarding facility team needs to get training on identifying the signs of oral problems in pets, consisting of bad breath, puffy or bleeding gums, loose or busted teeth, and trouble eating or eating.
  2. Providing Proper Dental Hygiene Devices and Products: Boarding centers must offer proper oral hygiene devices and materials to pet owners, consisting of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental chews. This will encourage pet owners to keep excellent oral health for their pets while they are boarding.
  3. Routine Teeth Cleanings: Boarding centers must offer regular teeth cleanings for pets through their internal vet facility or by partnering with a local vet. Routine cleanings will help remove plaque and tartar accumulation, which can result in oral troubles.
  4. Monitoring for Dental Issues: Boarding facility staff must check pets for any signs of dental concerns and, without delay, report any issues to the pet owner and vet.

You should look for the best boarding for your pet and ensure that the facility has experienced staff who can provide proper care and attention to your pet’s needs and that the boarding environment is safe, clean, and comfortable for your pet to stay in. 

Additionally, it is important to check if the facility requires up-to-date vaccinations and if they have any specific rules or policies that you need to follow.

Impact of Preventive Dental Treatment on Overall Health and Well-Being

By prioritizing preventative dental care of boarded pets, boarding facilities can dramatically affect their furry visitors’ overall health and well-being. Regular teeth cleanings and examinations can discover dental issues before they worsen. This can reduce the probability of pain, infection, and systemic illnesses, inevitably boosting the pet’s lifestyle.

Additionally, keeping excellent oral hygiene can assist pets in feeling less stressed out and anxious, enhancing the quality and convenience of their boarding experience. Boarding centers can encourage pet owners to exercise good oral health while away from home by providing essential dental health tools and materials. You should see a vet for your pet to ensure they are healthy.


Preventive oral treatment is essential to taking care of boarding pets. By advertising good dental health and resolving oral problems without delay, boarding centers can ensure that pets remain healthy, comfortable, and happy during their stay.


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