What Adverse Affects Happen When I Self-Medicate Toothaches?

A lot of people consider tooth pain a nuisance. This issue has tormented a lot of people since earlier times. Tooth discomfort has also been considered a public health concern. This problem is something that we need to be worried about, and handling it needs to be taken seriously.

Having a toothache is a common incident with young kids and teens, and a lot of moms and dads normally assume they know how to manage this problem. We have to bear in mind that toothache might bring serious consequences when we do not appropriately manage them.

What happens if I self-medicate tooth pain?

Self-medicating is a common method that every person is guilty of participating in. Nevertheless, self-medication is not entirely a terrible thing when we know exactly what is wrong. Having said that, here lies the concern.

Self-medication is often done incorrectly, thus requiring you to go now to a dental clinic. We have a predisposition that we are doing the correct thing. We commonly act on the presumption of an issue, and we often base our steps on our past experiences. If you wish to know more relating to self-medicating tooth pain and the unfavorable effects it carries, here are some that are worth knowing;

Incorrect Treatment

Treating a toothache at home typically involves an ice pack and pain medicine. This procedure may assist to a particular level but can not completely address the problem. We may not know fully what we are coping with, and it might even cause severe aftermaths. You may need to urgently visit an emergency or cosmetic dentistry San Francisco clinic to have your issue resolved.

Delayed Medical Intervention

Self-medication causes delayed medical treatment. Tending to the pain can be a good thing, but it can exacerbate the complication. Toothaches are caused by several factors, from dental caries to dental abscesses. Heading to a dental facility at the first signs of dental pain is strongly advised to deal with the source of an issue.

Exacerbated Condition

One of the most usual reasons for toothache is an inflamed nerve. This cause brings immense pain and discomfort to the person. The common remedy for people resolving this issue is pain medication. The concern there is that pain medication has hardly any effect on the pain, so individuals use it more. This could exacerbate the issue, and more nerves end up being damaged and would require serious dental treatment. The exacerbated condition mau need orthodontic treatment and an excellent orthodontist can help you with this.

Adverse Drug Reactions

Using painkillers and other medicine to attend to a toothache can additionally bring unfavorable reactions. The medicine that works for you might not be as efficient as others and might have contraindications. The best way to treat tooth pain would be to go to an oral center.


A toothache is a common concern that a lot of people have. Experiencing these issues is a hassle for a lot of people, and they turn to self-medication. Here lies the issue. Self-medication is typically done based on experience and presumption. However, the risk of dealing with a toothache by yourself may bring more than good. We need to realize that going to an oral facility to have our toothache attended to would be the best way to make sure that we acquire the right treatment that is free from adverse effects and long-term consequences.


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