What Changes Can You Expect from Your Dog After Boarding?

Boarding your dog could be an excellent solution to give them the attention they need while you are gone. Nonetheless, there might be an adjustment period when you get back home after their visit. Therefore, it is essential to understand the various behavior adjustments your dog may encounter and how you may assist them in adjusting to their home routine. So, do you know what to anticipate when you return your dog from boarding?

What to expect after boarding your dog?

Although boarding your dog might be enjoyable and worthwhile, it is crucial to understand what to expect when you go home. Therefore, it is necessary to give yourself and your pets time to adapt to their home environment after being boarded. You should provide a lot of love and attention and a few days to get used to their new surroundings. Following your pet’s return from boarding, you might expect the following:

1. Sleep Pattern Modification

It could take your dog a few days to get used to its routine after getting home since its sleep habit was most likely disrupted at the boarding facility. As a result, giving your dog a peaceful, comfy room and lots of time to relax can allow them to adapt to their new surroundings more quickly. Moreover, it is essential to observe stress indicators, such as extreme panting, shivering, and hiding, and provide additional comfort and attention. As your dog adapts to its new environment, give them the time and room they need to feel safe and comfortable.

2. Nutritional Adjustment

Your dog might have adapted to the meals at the boarding facility after a stint in the kennel. For that reason, returning your pet to its previous food must be done slowly. Too rapidly introducing the old food may lead to stomach problems. You should try blending the new food with the kennel food initially and slowly raise the old food to the new food proportion until your dog returns to its usual diet regimen. Additionally, taking your dog to a dog and cat dentist can help identify any underlying problems triggering gastrointestinal difficulties and analyze the problem of your dog’s teeth and gums.

3. Stool Changes or Throwing Up

Dogs typically suffer a slight variation in their feces or throw-up due to adjustments in surrounding and food. While a change in stool or throwing up is common, it is still necessary to be attentive and avoid any further signs, such as excessive tiredness, loss of appetite, or discharge from the eyes or nose. These are warning indications of a more serious concern and must be treated as soon as feasible. 

For that reason, you need to check for any changes and bring them to the vet for a checkup if required. In addition, getting a canine health plan can be beneficial to make sure that your dog is secured from unexpected health problems or accidents. You can click here and browse the web about pet wellness plans.

4. Drinking Abundantly

When you return home after boarding, your dog might consume more water than average. This is normal because the pet’s surroundings have changed, and your dog may be dehydrated because of the trip. After a few days, your dog’s raised water consumption needs to go down, and it must resume its regular drinking routines. 

Geriatric pets might exhibit increased water consumption due to declining kidney and liver function. However, if your pet continues to drink excessively over an extensive period, you should see your vet for geriatric dog care. You must know about changes in your pet’s water intake, which could signify a much more severe health issue.


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