Your Dog’s Paw Is Curling Under – Should You Be Worried?

Dogs with arthritis and other illness that hinder their movement are not unusual. A minor stiffness is natural, but knuckling is not. If you see your dog’s paw curling under, you have every right to be concerned. When a dog’s freedom of movement is severely limited, the pet’s quality of life is seriously impacted.

Causes of Knuckling in Dogs

When a dog bends its wrist, it turns its paw under its leg and walks on the top of its foot rather than the bottom, called knuckling. Giant dog breeds are more likely than smaller ones to develop knuckling due to the concerns before they reach adulthood. Nevertheless, knowing all the possible reasons for knuckling will aid you in pinpointing precisely what is wrong with your dog.

Sore Paws

As soon as you find your dog’s knuckling, you should examine their paws to see if any sharp objects are rooted in their paws that might damage them when walking. Your puppy’s red, impairing foot may result from an allergy, broken toes, bug attacks, or a laceration for any other reason.

Do not be reluctant to send your dog to the veterinarian if the concern lingers for more than a day, as some points can contaminate your dog if they are not gotten rid of and addressed correctly. You can also visit a pet website to consult your pet regarding this concern.

Carpal Flexural Deformity

During a puppy’s growth surge, this is a common incident. Carpal flexural deformity can affect any dog; nevertheless, it is more frequent in more giant breeds and can be brought on by an excess of protein in the diet. Picking the right food for your pet could be facilitated by consulting with a dependable veterinarian. Over-flexing or protruding the wrists forward is common in puppies under four months.

Most dogs will straighten their wrists within a few weeks without therapy, but seeing a vet is recommended to run some tests like pet MRI since your dog may get a lifelong deformity due to the injury.


Knuckling is a typical symptom of arthritis in elderly dogs. This is due to the discomfort and stiffness they might be experiencing. Some dogs will knuckle when walking gets too challenging or uncomfortable to minimize pain in their joints. Even though arthritis is most frequently associated with senior dogs, young dogs can develop it due to low temperatures, terrible living conditions, lousy diet, joint injury, hip dysplasia, or inadequate nutrition.

The only means to stop arthritis in dogs is by providing an appropriate diet, joint supplements, and compresses to the sore areas. Unfortunately, arthritis can not be treated.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

When your dog’s spinal disc starts to degrade, this condition occurs. While it’s more common in older dogs, physical damage or excessive activity can cause it in younger dogs. Fighting with another pet or getting hit by a vehicle are two of the most common reasons for IVDD.

Common symptoms are stumbling, knuckling the paws, rigidity, holding the head low, and sensitivity to touch and movement. Steroids and anti-inflammatories can assist treat it in modest circumstances, but surgery might be required in more extreme cases.


Close connection with a vet and any experts you’re working with is the most crucial point you can do for your dog. An accurate diagnosis is required as quickly as possible, as knuckling can be caused by various problems.


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