What You Ought to Know About Canine Parvovirus

The dogs we keep as pets are considered members of our family. We tend to treat them like children, particularly when they are puppies. These animals need more than just food, shelter, and playtime; they need medical attention.

Keeping a dog as a pet needs a lot of things to do. The responsibility of having a dog does not stop at the treatment they receive at home. They also need to be taken care of by vets. These pets are prone to parvovirus, which has deadly repercussions. Having a veterinarian to help you take care of your pet by focusing on preventive treatment and health maintenance is a substantial advantage.

What is Parvovirus?

Parvo in dogs is caused by canine parvovirus. This virus is highly contagious and can be transmitted through direct contact. This disease is common in puppies and has terrible effects on them. The signs and symptoms of this disease are significant, and immediate medical attention is required. AEC Memphis assists in these issues.

Parvo is an illness that has a high mortality rate. Being able to have this prevented is the most effective option. Vaccination prevents parvo from spreading, but the possibility of a vaccinated dog getting it still exists. If you are interested in what parvo does to our pets and how it is dealt with, here are some items you must understand about parvo;


The signs and symptoms of this awful illness may include; your dog being inactive, losing their appetite, pain and bloating in the abdominal area, high or low body temperature, recurring vomiting, and dog with bloody stool. These signs and symptoms aggravate the dog’s condition and weaken its body. When these symptoms are observed, getting your dog to an emergency vet facility is needed.


The diagnosis of parvo needs particular measures to make sure that the results are accurate. These tests include lab examinations of the blood as well as clinical signs. Tests on the stool might be executed using virus antigens to have an exact medical diagnosis. Diagnostic steps are needed to guarantee that the treatment will work.


Treatment for this illness is often for its signs and symptoms. Vets have not been able to develop a medication that can treat parvo in dogs. The treatment provided to a parvo patient may include intravenous drips to rehydrate the patient, anti-sickness medicines, painkillers, and even give antibiotics to prevent secondary infections as parvovirus can compromise the immune system.

There are a lot of procedures from animal emergency clinic Memphis to manage the signs and symptoms of parvo, but there are none to treat it. There are some cases where a dog makes it through parvo, but these are very rare. Being able to prevent this disease through vaccination is the very best method to avoid complications.


Parvo is a common condition in dogs that have a high death rate. This illness does not have a cure, and the treatment for parvo is only for its symptoms. The only way to prevent parvo would be through vaccinations. Being able to have your dog vaccinated with routine vet examinations could be the only way to keep your dog healthy and avoid parvo.


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