Vet-Recommended Home Remedies for Common Dog Ailments

Suppose you’re a dog owner and know that accidents do happen. Your dog might be in danger of being bitten by a stinging insect, eating food that isn’t good for their digestion, or feeling anxious because of an unexpected rainstorm or lightning storm.

Sometimes an illness requires urgent medical attention and an appointment with a vet. There are instances when you need to respond quickly; however, you can’t reach your trusted vet in time, or you can deal with the issue using an at-home remedy.

Common Home Remedies


Your pet might be anxious during a storm because of lighting flashing or even the loudness. Thunder can be terrifying because of its sound, and dogs can detect it at a greater distance than human beings. If a storm is coming, its scent in the air can change because dogs’ acute sense of smell will detect it during the early morning hours. The air pressure also changes, and dogs’ ears tend to be more sensitive than others. There is a risk that the force can cause injury in certain circumstances.

If the weather conditions change, your pet’s behavior could change. Certain medications can allow your pet to feel less anxious. Numerous items, like thunder shirts, can help your pet feel safe. You can also make sure that your animal is kept entertained by whatever they want and protect them from noises generated by the harsh weather.

Accidents can happen anytime your pets feel anxious. If your pet acquires broken teeth after a bump because of panic or fear, you can consult an experienced vet to learn more advice about dental care.


The oil derived from Cannabidiol (CBD oil) plant can help reduce anxiety and fear in situations like thunder or lightning. However, pet owners should seek advice from an animal veterinarian first. Proper dosage and equipment can minimize stress. If you also discover that your pet suffers from CBD oil overdose, do internet research and click this link to get the most effective advice.

Bee Stings

Dogs are curious animals that look around for something interesting. Dogs are fascinated by insects, so they examine them, and when they shove their nose where it shouldn’t, they get a swift rebuke. It is why bee stings to the nose are pretty standard.

Additionally, eyes and feet can be easily attracted by bugs because they are the areas that sting the most closely on the body. If your dog gets into the beehive or wasp, bugs can infest and poke the dog from every angle. So, what to do when your pet is stung?

Cold Compress

If your dog’s sting or bite hurt is severe, apply an ice pack composed of chilled liquid or ice cubes on the affected area.

Baking Soda Paste

Prepare a baking soda paste and spread it to the sting or bite, precisely like you would apply ointment to a human’s body. Do not apply commercial human creams unless your doctor suggests you use the creams. While it’s better for dogs, this cream is not suitable for all breeds of dogs. Consult your veterinarian for more information on finding whether your dog will benefit from this cream.


Constipation is a prevalent issue for pets due to the lack of fiber they consume or eating foods that aren’t digestible and may cause obstruction. It could be because your pet isn’t getting enough exercise or has grown old. Cancers or tumors of the digestive tract, prostate and pelvic region, and other metabolic or spinal conditions are the most common causes. So, here are some methods of treating animals suffering from constipation at home.

Pureed Pumpkin

The puree is an excellent source of fiber and moisture and aids in digestion regulation. The pumpkin pie’s most delicate puree contains natural, pure ingredients. It is best not to serve the mixture of pumpkin pie on your pet since it has an artificial substance that can be harmful. If you don’t have fresh ingredients, you can open a can of purée and directly feed it to the pet. The texture and flavor are the same, so your pet will love it too.

Dietary Fiber Supplements

The fiber supplements that are part of diets help reduce the amount of stool and help regulate stool movements. They accomplish it by increasing the fiber they absorb into their bodies. Talk to your vet about the specific supplements you can provide your pet. If you encounter an emergency for your pet, you need to go to your medicine cabinet or pantry.

Additionally, suppose your pet suffers from any internal illness. In that case, you can inquire from an internal medicine vet about different treatment options and diagnostics for medical issues that affect the internal organs to aid your pet’s healing rapidly.


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