What to Do After a Fire: Simple Cleaning Tips

Fire damage is without a doubt one of the terrifying things that can happen to a house. It’s heartbreaking and destructive, and it leaves marks that serve as a constant reminder of the tragedy. Someone who has been through a fire prioritizes the safety of their family and pets. Then they must ensure that their personal belongings are secure. However, once they have evacuated the entire estate due to the smoldering disaster, you must deal with the aftermath of smoke, fire, and water damage. 

What Should You Do in the Event of a Fire?

It’s vital to know how to cope with fire damage, whether it’s a tiny occurrence or a large calamity. It may be wise to engage professionals like PuroClean Naperville to complete the job, but for minor issues, knowing what to do to dry out the area, remove the smells, and restore the house to its original state is equally crucial. 


Before cleaning up the messed-up area, be sure the fire marshal has permitted you to enter. All firefighters should extinguish all fires; even smoldering ash might start new fires. While you’re waiting, contact your insurance carrier to have your damage appraised and to find out how much coverage you’ll have for your property damage. 

You should move nothing until the insurance company can take photographs as proof. The insurance company may reduce the evaluation value if you remove or misplace something. Also, look at the electrical wiring. You might contact an electrical contractor to evaluate the cables, outlets, and switches if the fire damaged them.

Start cleaning

Put on gloves and masks first if you’re ready to deal with the fire damage. Allow fresh air to enter and the stink to escape by opening the windows. Remove any materials that could lead to the growth of mildew. If the water damage is modest, such as on the stovetop or in the cabinet, dry the excess water using a clean, absorbent mop or cloth. 

If the damage to a piece of fabric is too severe, use a wet vacuum to absorb all of the liquid properly. Disinfect the area since smoke and fire can generate odors. If you’re unsure what to do, you could seek professional assistance; click this link for more information about fire damage restoration.

Carpets, draperies, and clothing

Tobacco smoke can leave stains on clothes and make them smell bad. Remove them all and use a powerful detergent to clean them all off simultaneously. It will help to get rid of smells. Throw away anything that the fire burnt.

Cleaning the residence

While the place is still damp, take advantage of it by cleaning the walls with mild soap. It is a crucial approach for preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Quickly dry it up with an air blower when the entire area is cleaned but still slightly damp. Set your dehumidifier to the optimum humidity levels and let it absorb the excess moisture if you have one. Mold and mildew will stay away because of this.


Repairing fire damage is a significant and time-consuming task that you may perform on your own if you want to, but make sure to do it immediately to avoid microorganisms flourishing. To quickly recover the house, make it smell fresh again, and minimize the places that remind you of that fatal moment, you may need to hire a fire and water damage repair company.


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