Why Schools Support eLearning?

Many schools around the world have started to employ the use of eLearning tools but what exactly are these tools?  how do we use them?? and why have schools started using them?

In this technologically advanced society, most students and children are more akin to using gadgets and computers as opposed to textbooks and other manual ways of studying. Many stay at home moms use these methods. This is because it is much faster and provides students easier access to information. Other reasons may also be because gadgets and technology can access more information and do more things than writing or reading in a textbook can in a fraction of the time. Gadgets promote efficiency and enable students to multitask on different platforms, this eliminates the need to switch from different textbooks as one gadget can already perform different functions.

eLearning also promotes accessibility for everyone, for example, a student not able to afford the cost of textbooks or paper-based resources can easily turn to the internet for answers to their homework and with only a few clicks away, they already have an answer for their questions. eLearning at schools are also certainly much more affordable than paper-based materials, by buying and equipping classrooms with eLearning tools and gadgets, it permanently eliminates the need for schools to constantly buy newer versions of the same textbook every year when the same gadget can access the information in a matter of seconds.

eLearning lets schools equip their students with information at a fraction o the cost of textbooks while promoting multitasking skills among its students. Anyone can see why schools will not just benefit from eLearning but also why they are switching to it in the first place. eLearning is not only the key to enhancing education in schools but the key to the future of education as well.

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