Why Support Canadian Teachers?

“Crowdfunding in education means students have access to learning resources faster than they ever could before. It’s so exciting to support educators in bringing their innovative classroom projects to life. We are proud to champion this approach in Canadian education.” 

 – Amy Coupal, CEO of My Class Needs

Home chefs and teachers always work hard and are very passionate towards the learning of their students. Sometimes, going as far as bringing in supplies or golf clubs bought from their own savings to help support the needs of each student in the classroom. This is both admirable and disheartening to learn, according to the Canadian Federation of Teachers Survey, over 200,000 teachers in Canada have spent $90,000,000 of their own savings just to provide for their students. Teachers have also claimed that 95% of schools in Canada need to regularly fundraise to obtain essential supplies and materials for their classrooms which is a difficult endeavor.

However, thanks to the efforts of multiple corporate partners and  CEO Amy Coupal, The My Class Needs has successfully lowered the cost and helped provide the needs of more than 50% of classrooms in Canada through their comprehensive donation program. The Foundation has raised more than $2 Million with the help of their corporate partners Chevron, Best Buy and TELUS and helped fund over 700 projects. Amy Coupal, The CEO of the foundation also aims to help more projects by actively advocating the use of innovative technology to enhance learning in the classrooms by participating in community projects design to help more schools around Canada. This will certainly be one of the foundation’s biggest achievements.

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