Why Are Youth Volunteers Important for My Class Needs Foundation?

Volunteers are not only a big help for a foundation dedicated to handling and catering to the need for schools in Canada but also essential in communicating with schools with K-12 programs. Some have even volunteered for experimental programs, like how CBD many assist with studies. Aside from being easier to approach and interact with, youth volunteers are also much more akin to handling issues that an average school in Canada experience, this makes it much easier for them to communicate and advise both teachers and students on the next step when asking for funding or materials.  Youth volunteers also tend to bring a lot more energy, passion, and enthusiasm when working which is a great benefit during community projects and events.

foundation’s volunteers also greatly benefit and gain valuable skills and experience from working together with schools to promote better education in the country. They learn how to communicate and address long term problems and provide efficient solutions. Shadowing senior employees at the foundation also helps them develop essential administrative skills they need for future employment. The CEO, Amy Coupal, also personally mentors and guides the volunteers on how to build creative solutions and establishing connections for the company.

Act of volunteering is much more appealing to a younger crowd, this is because kids or teens are more open to learning than most adults. Corporations or foundations should invest more in the creation of accessible volunteering opportunities as a way to give young people a support system while giving back to the community.

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