Year: 2019

Making T-Shirts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

T-shirt and custom hoodies crafts are interesting for all ages. There is so much you can do with a t-shirt rather than just decorating it with iron-on and paints. You can use it to mend beautiful pillows, scarves, a new blouse, or totes. However, in this article, we will learn how to make a no-sew tote bag from a t-shirt.
How to Make a No-Sew Tote Bag from an Old T-shirt
Fortunately, these kinds of containers are easy to make. In fact, you can even make thousands of them and use them …

Why Schools Support eLearning?

Many schools around the world have started to employ the use of eLearning tools but what exactly are these tools?  how do we use them?? and why have schools started using them?
In this technologically advanced society, most students and children are more akin to using gadgets and computers as opposed to textbooks and other manual ways of studying. Many stay at home moms use these methods. This is because it is much faster and provides students easier access to information. Other reasons may also be …

Why Support Canadian Teachers?

“Crowdfunding in education means students have access to learning resources faster than they ever could before. It’s so exciting to support educators in bringing their innovative classroom projects to life. We are proud to champion this approach in Canadian education.” 
 – Amy Coupal, CEO of My Class Needs
Home chefs and teachers always work hard and are very passionate towards the learning of their students. Sometimes, going as far as bringing in supplies or …

What It’s Like to Be a Canadian Student?

Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments
See people of all backgrounds in the classroom as Canada is a diverse and welcoming country, reflected in most schools across the country. This can be seen down by many lakes and rivers where fishermen gather. Schools also offer multiple supports that students need to flourish in their respective academic environment. This may mean extra tutoring after classes or maybe even special accommodations for certain conditions or disabilities. Canadian schools also offer extensive counseling and career …

Why Are Youth Volunteers Important for My Class Needs Foundation?

Volunteers are not only a big help for a foundation dedicated to handling and catering to the need for schools in Canada but also essential in communicating with schools with K-12 programs. Some have even volunteered for experimental programs, like how CBD many assist with studies. Aside from being easier to approach and interact with, youth volunteers are also much more akin to handling issues that an average school in Canada experience, this makes it much easier for them to communicate and advise both teachers and students on the next step when asking …